Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
TCRP C-01Personal Mobility Aid Securement and Passenger Restraint on Transit VehiclesCompleted
TCRP C-02Applicability of Low-Floor Light Rail Vehicles in North AmericaCompleted
TCRP C-03Wheel/Rail Noise MitigationCompleted
TCRP C-03AField Testing of Wheel/Rail Noise Control TechnologiesCompleted
TCRP C-04Enhancement of Vehicle Window Glazing for Vandal Resistance and DurabilityCompleted
TCRP C-05Impact of Radio Frequency Refarming on Transit CommunicationsCompleted
TCRP C-06Improved Methods for Increasing Wheel/Rail Adhesion in the Presence of Natural ContaminantsCompleted
TCRP C-06ADemonstration of Improved Methods for Increasing Wheel/Rail Adhesion in the Presence of Natural ContaminantsCompleted
TCRP C-07Technology Assessment of Refueling-Connection Devices for CNG, LNG, and PropaneCompleted
TCRP C-08A Framework for Evaluating Fuel Options for Transit BusesCompleted
TCRP C-09Paratransit Vehicle Specifications and Related Special Maintenance Requirements Completed
TCRP C-10AUnderstanding and Applying Advanced On-Board Bus ElectronicsCompleted
TCRP C-10BHybrid Electric Transit Buses: Status, Benefits, and IssuesCompleted
TCRP C-10CNew Designs and Operating Experiences with Low-Floor BusesCompleted
TCRP C-11Hazard Assessment and Mitigation of Alternative-Fuel-Related Systems in Transit Bus OperationsCompleted
TCRP C-12Configuration Options Supplement to Standard Purchase Specifications for Transit BusesCompleted
TCRP C-1330-Foot Transit Bus Technical SpecificationCompleted
TCRP C-14Technical Assistance for Development of Bus StandardsCompleted
TCRP C-15Assessment of Hybrid-Electric Transit Bus TechnologyCompleted
TCRP C-16Center Truck Performance on Low-Floor Light Rail VehiclesCompleted
TCRP C-17Development of Crash Energy Management Performance Requirements for Light-Rail VehiclesCompleted
TCRP C-18Strategic Plan for Meeting Transit Industry Wireless Communications NeedsCompleted
TCRP C-19Guidebook for Evaluating Fuel Choices for Post-2010 Transit Bus Procurements: Update of TCRP Report 38Completed
TCRP C-20Use of Mobility Devices on Paratransit Vehicles and BusesFinal
TCRP C-22Bus Operator Workstation Design for Improving Occupational Health and SafetyFinal
TCRP C-23Assessing and Mitigating Electrical Fires on Transit VehiclesCompleted
TCRP C-24Transit Traction Power Cables: Replacement GuidelinesCompleted
TCRP C-25Bus Operator Barrier Design Active