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NCHRP 20-123(15) [Final]

Support for AASHTO Approval of the Transportation Operations Manual
[ NCHRP 20-123 (Support for AASHTO Committees and Councils) ]

  Project Data
Funds: $250,000
Comments: This project was combined with NCHRP Project 03-126

This project has been combined with NCHRP 03-126 https://apps.trb.org/cmsfeed/TRBNetProjectDisplay.asp?ProjectID=4178


NCHRP Project 03-126 is preparing the first edition of the AASHTO Transportation Operations Manual which will be complete by Q2 of 2022. Since this will be a completely new AASHTO publication, it is expected that it will attract a significant number of comments during the review process, both within the Committee on Transportation System Operations and wider balloting. Support will be needed to help the committee adjudicate these comments, some of which may involve the relationship of the Operations Manual to other AASHTO publications, such as the Green Book.
Initial conversations between the Committee leadership and the NCHRP project principals identified two additional issues: (1) the benefits of reorganizing material on the National Operations Center of Excellence to align with the Operations Manual’s organization and (2) the need for a critical review of the draft Transportation Operations Manual to ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion are addressed appropriately.


The objectives of this research were to (1) compile comments received during balloting on the AASHTO Transportation Operations Manual, facilitate resolution of the comments by the committee, and make appropriate revisions to the document; (2) recommend modifications to the National Operations Center of Excellence to align it with the Transportation Operations Manual; (3) critically review and revise the Operations Manual regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion; and support AASHTO through the Manual publication process.

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