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ACRP 11-02 [Active]

Quick Response for Special Needs

  Project Data
Funds are allocated to individual projects as indicated.
Staff Responsibility: Michael R Salamone, CM
Effective Date: 1/31/2006

In the administration of the Airport Cooperative Research Program, there are times when issues arise that require immediate attention and cannot wait for the typical ACRP research processes.  The ACRP Oversight Committe has allocated a portion of their research funds that can be used, as needed, for such "quick response" needs. The use of these "quick response" funds are guided tightly through rules on who can apply for their use and how they can be used. Typically, the funds are spent for limited-scope research tasks that require a quick turnaround, and typically have smaller budgets than standard research topics.

For each ACRP quick-response task, an informal working group is formed to develop the final scope, determine the appropriate mechanism to procure the needed technical assistance (this mechanism can include sole source, limited solicitation, or fully open solicitation), select the research agency based on the procurement process used, and review task deliverables.

  • Funding:
    • FY2006 - $590,000
    • FY2007 - $467,000
    • FY2008 - $1,475,000
    • FY2009 - $25,000


11-02/Task 01 Model for Improving Energy Use in U.S. Airport Facilities

The objective of this task was to demonstrate the potential for energy savings in U.S. airports by conducting a study of Terminals B and D at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport regarding Operations and Maintenance (O&M), commissioning of energy consuming systems, and energy conservation retrofit measures. This objective was accomplished by conducting airport surveys, engineering analysis and producing a model energy report and informational brochure that focuses on pro-typical operations, building commissioning, and energy conservation retrofits opportunities.

Status:  Completed.  For a copy of this report Click Here.

11-02/Task 02 Ground Access to Major Airports by Public Transportation

The objectives of this task were to: (a) improve the documentation of all airport ground access projects, with an emphasis on those which have occurred since the publication of TCRP Report 62 in 2000; (b) improve the documentation of changes in airport access strategies since the publication of both reports with a review of recent developments in such areas as downtown check- in, automation of the check in process, and integration with existing regional rail infrastructure; (c) provide airport managers with user-friendly, concise, and accurate documentation concerning trends in the area of airport ground access; and (d) support and facilitate the dissemination of the latest information relative to airport managers through media such as printed reports, and PowerPoint presentations to relevant professional organizations. The proposed research created new updated, timely documentation of the characteristics of ground access markets in a manner which builds upon existing products already produced under the Transit Cooperative Research Program.

Status:  Completed.  For a copy of this report Click Here.

11-02/Task 03 Improving Stabilization and Use of Aircraft Evacuation Slides at Airports

This research identified challenges associated with the use of slides at airports, focusing on causes of injury rates and ways to reduce those rates. A comprehensive report was prepared that includes: (1) literature review of known incidents where aircraft evacuations via the slides occurred and identified causes of known injuries One study to include in this review is the NTSB Safety Study 001 published in 2000., (2) survey/interview of airport operators and emergency responders involved in those incidents, slide manufacturers and aircraft manufacturers, as appropriate, (3) review of tools relative to aircraft slide evacuations available to first responders, specifically those tools available through the FAA Technical Center (4) ecommended guidance for airport operators & emergency personnel on preparing for aircraft slide evacuations that will include best practices for minimizing injury rates.

Status:  Completed.  For a copy of this report Click Here.

11-02/Task 04 Overview of Airport Safety Management Systems - Definitions and Status

The objective of this task was to develop an overview document regarding airport safety management systems that defines what such a system is, and provides a summary of existing practice in other countries and industries.

Status:  Completed.  For a copy of this report Click Here.

11-02/Task 05 Quarantine Facilities for Arriving Air Travelers: Identification of Planning Needs and Costs

The objective of this task was to develop a set of criteria and guidance for use by airport operators in identifying potential quarantine facilities on or off the airport and for continuity of airport operations. The guidance was developed in consideration of and based on evaluation of requirements and constraints, including such factors as: (a) physical needs of individuals to be quarantined (e.g. beds, sanitation, security, food); (b) non-airport resources available to provide basic necessities (e.g. Red Cross); (c) structural requirements for such facilities (square footage, climate control, plumbing, etc.); (d) transportation from aircraft to facility; (e) potential existing facilities at airports or in community, including those identified in other plans (e.g. hurricane shelters, family assistance sites, etc.); (f) potential for multiple use for new facilities; (g) operational and financial impacts of identifying on-airport facilities; and (h) planning guidelines for expected maximum number of individuals to be quarantined.

Status:  Completed.  For a copy of this report Click Here.

11-02/Task 06 Interagency - Aviation Industry Collaboration on Planning for Pandemic Outbreaks

This task conducted a workshop of airport and airline representatives with the various federal agencies involved in responding to a potential pandemic to clarify roles, discuss issues of mutual interest, and identify further coordination activities needed. 

Status:  Completed.  For a copy of this report Click Here.

11-02/Task 07 Strategic Process for Developing ACRP Research Problem Statements

This task will develop and implement a process that the ACRP Governing Board can use to identify strategic research areas for use with the FY 2010 ACRP problem statement solicitation process. 

Status:  Completed.  For a copy of this report Click Here.

11-02/Task 08 Enhanced Modeling of Aircraft Taxiway Noise - Scoping

11-02/Task 09 Visibility of Airfield Signs and Markings from Aircraft and Ground Vehicles

This task was to indentify issues associated with the visibility of airfield signs and markings.

Status:  This task has been cancelled.

11-02/Task 10 Estimate of National Use of Aircraft and Airfield Deicing Materials

This task developed a national estimate of the amount of aircraft and airfield deicing materials used.

Status:  Completed.

11-02/Task 11 How Proposed Firefighting Standards Would Impact Airports

11-02/Task 12 Ramp Incident Data from Selected Large and Medium Hub Airports

11-02/Task 13 Symposium on the Tranmission of Disease at Airports and on Aircraft

11-02/Task 14 Helping Airports Understand the Payment Card Industry Data Protection Standard (PCI DSS)

11-02/Task 15 Aviation-Industry Issue Familiarization and Training for Part-time Airport Policymakers

11-02/Task 20 Developing Problem Statements on Information Technology Issues at Airports

11-02/Task 21 Innovative Airport Responses to Threatened/Endangered Species

11-02/Task 22 Best Practices for General Aviation Aircraft Fuel-Tank Sampling

11-02/Task 23 Alternative IT Delivery Methods and Best Practices for Small Airports

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