Project Number Project Title Posted Date Due Date
TCRP B-54Improving Inclusion by Addressing Gaps in Measuring Disability in Transportation Data Systems6/14/20248/1/2024
TCRP B-55Guidelines for Surveying Hard-to-Reach Populations for Small, Medium, and Large Transportation Agencies5/23/20247/17/2024
TCRP B-56Using Market Segmentation to Increase Transit Ridership: An Updated Handbook5/20/20247/23/2024
TCRP D-23Manual for Planning and Constructing a Small, Rural, or Tribal Transit Facility5/28/20248/1/2024
TCRP D-26A Rational Approach to Performing Rail Structure Interaction (RSI) Analysis and Transit Bridge Design Criteria6/14/20248/5/2024
TCRP F-32Enhancing Transit Organizational Culture to Improve Employee Psychological Health and Safety, Recruitment, and Retention5/31/20248/8/2024
TCRP F-33Recruiting, Developing, and Retaining Individuals with Disabilities for Careers in Public Transportation 5/2/20246/25/2024
TCRP H-62Innovative Toolkit for Quantifying Rural Transit Benefits6/21/20248/9/2024
TCRP J-05/Topic 22-04Update of Buy America5/20/20247/11/2024
TCRP J-11/Task 48Marijuana Testing Regulations and Employer Policies: Impacts on Public Transportation Employment6/11/20248/8/2024
TCRP J-11/Task 49Strategies to Increase Transit Ridership in the Post-Pandemic Era5/31/20248/28/2024
TCRP J-11/Task 50Transit Funding Sources and Governance Models 6/6/20249/18/2024
TCRP J-11/Task 51Enhancing Transit Operations with Artificial Intelligence6/5/20247/22/2024