Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
TCRP F-01Fitness-for-Duty Testing in the Transit WorkplaceCompleted
TCRP F-02Innovative Labor-Management PracticesCompleted
TCRP F-03Total Quality Management in Public TransportationCompleted
TCRP F-04Bus Operator Workstation Evaluation and Design GuidelinesCompleted
TCRP F-05Closing the Knowledge Gap for Transit Vehicle Maintenance Employees--A Systems ApproachCompleted
TCRP F-06Guidelines for the Effective Use of Uniformed Transit Police/Security PersonnelCompleted
TCRP F-06ADeveloping Useful Transit-Related Crime and Incident DataCompleted
TCRP F-07Part-Time Transit Operators: The Trends and ImpactsCompleted
TCRP F-09Managing Transit's Workforce in the New MillenniumCompleted
TCRP F-10Toolbox for Transit Operator Fatigue Completed
TCRP F-11Positioning the Public Transportation Operating Agency as an Employer of ChoiceFinal
TCRP F-12Employee Compensation Guidelines for Transit Providers in Rural and Small Urban AreasFinal
TCRP F-13Vehicle Operator Recruitment, Retention, and Performance in ADA Complementary Paratransit ServicesCompletedPublished as TCRP Report 142
TCRP F-14Addressing Critical Shortfalls: Recruitment, Development, and Retention of High-Quality Managers for Public Transportation SystemsFinal
TCRP F-15A Practical Guide for Recruiting Minorities for Chief Executive Officers at Public Transportation AgenciesFinalCompleted--Published as TCRP Report 148
TCRP F-16Building a Sustainable Workforce in the Public Transportation Industry—A Systems ApproachFinalCompleted
TCRP F-16ABuilding a Sustainable Workforce in the Public Transportation Industry--A Systems ApproachCompleted
TCRP F-17Improving Transit Bus Operator Health, Wellness, and RetentionFinal
TCRP F-18Policing and Security Practices for Small- and Medium-Sized Public Transit SystemsCompleted
TCRP F-19A National Training and Certification Program for Transit Vehicle Maintenance Instructors Final
TCRP F-20Transit Labor-Management Partnerships: What Makes Them Work? What Makes Them Last?Final
TCRP F-21Tools and Strategies for Eliminating Assaults Against Transit OperatorsCompletedCompleted
TCRP F-22Identifying Best Practices and Sharing Resources for Transit Technical TrainingCompletedCompleted; Published as TCRP Research Report 199: Transit Technical Training, Vol. 1: Guide to Applying Best Practices and Sharing Resources
TCRP F-23Knowledge Management Resource to Support Strategic Workforce Development for Transit AgenciesFinal
TCRP F-24Overcoming Barriers to Implementing Best and Innovative Training Practices for Public Transportation’s Frontline Workforce FinalCompleted; Published as TCRP Research Report 199: Transit Technical Training, Volume 2: Guide to Overcoming Barrier to Implementing Best and Innovative Training
TCRP F-25Improving the Safety, Health, and Productivity of Transit Operators Through Adequate Restroom AccessFinalCompleted. Published as TCRP Research Report 216.
TCRP F-26Improving the Health and Safety of Transit Workers with Corresponding Impacts on the Bottom LineCompleted
TCRP F-27Characteristics and Elements of Non-Punitive Employee Safety Reporting Systems for Public Transportation Final
TCRP F-28Practitioner's Guide to Bus Operator Workforce ManagementFinal
TCRP F-29Mental Health, Wellness, and Resilience for Transit System WorkersCompletedResearch is complete.
TCRP F-30Guide for Protecting Transportation Employees and the Traveling Public from Airborne DiseasesActive
TCRP F-31Modernizing Transit Station Staffing ApproachesRFP
TCRP F-32Culture Reform: Psychological Health and Safety at the Workplace – The Missing Elements of Successful Workforce Retention and Recruitment in TransitAnticipatedIn development
TCRP F-33Recruiting, Developing, and Retaining Individuals with Disabilities for Careers in Public Transportation RFP
TCRP F-34CDL Requirements for Local and Regional Transit Drivers Needs StudyAnticipatedIn development