Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
NCHRP 07-12Microcomputer Evaluation of Highway User BenefitsCompleted
NCHRP 07-12(2)Metrication and Enhancement of MicroBENCOST Software PackageCompleted
NCHRP 07-13Quantifying CongestionFinal
NCHRP 07-14Guidelines for Analysis of Investments in Bicycle FacilitiesCompleted
NCHRP 07-15Cost-Effective Measures and Planning Procedures for Travel Time, Delay, and ReliabilityFinal
NCHRP 07-16Recommended Revisions to the AASHTO Guidelines for Traffic Data ProgramsFinal
NCHRP 07-17Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation along Existing RoadsFinal
NCHRP 07-18Crash Experience Warrant for Traffic SignalsFinal
NCHRP 07-19Methods and Technologies for Collecting Pedestrian and Bicycle Volume DataFinalGuidebook published as NCHRP Report 797; final research report is available as Web-only Document 205
NCHRP 07-20Guidance for Implementation of Traffic Incident Management Performance MeasurementFinal
NCHRP 07-21Asset Management Guidance for Traffic Control Devices, Barriers, and LightingActive
NCHRP 07-22Planning and Preliminary Engineering Applications Guide to the Highway Capacity ManualFinalPublished as NCHRP Report 825
NCHRP 07-23Access Management in the Vicinity of InterchangesFinalFinal report NCHRP Research Report 977 Volumes 1 and 2 are available.
NCHRP 07-24Estimating the Value of Truck Travel Time ReliabilityFinalPublished as NCHRP Research Report 925
NCHRP 07-25Guide for Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety at Alternative Intersections and Interchanges (A.I.I.)FinalPublished as NCHRP Research Report 948
NCHRP 07-26Update of Highway Capacity Manual: Merge, Diverge, and Weaving MethodologiesFinalPublished as NCHRP Research Report 1038
NCHRP 07-27An Update of the Green Book Design Vehicles RequirementsFinalFinal report was published as NCHRP Research Report 1061.
NCHRP 07-28Assessing the Safety Impacts of Right-Turn Lanes on Rural and Suburban Highways FinalNCHRP 07-28 has been divided into NCHRP 07-28(01) and NCHRP 07-28(02)
NCHRP 07-28(01)Assessing the Impacts of Right-Turn Lanes on Rural and Suburban HighwaysFinalFinal report published as NCHRP Research Report 1062.
NCHRP 07-28(02)Assessing the Multimodal Safety Performance of Turn LanesPendingContract pending at this time.
NCHRP 07-29Development of the 8th Edition of AASHTO's A Policy on the Geometric Design of Highways and Streets (Green Book)ActiveResearch in progress.
NCHRP 07-30Methods for Assigning Short-Duration Traffic Volume Counts to Adjustment Factor Groups for Estimating AADTActive
NCHRP 07-31State DOT and Tribal Use of Active Transportation Data: Practices, Sources, Needs, and GapsPendingPending
NCHRP 07-32Guide for Long-Term Automatic Traffic Signal Performance Measurement Systems ApplicationsPendingContract pending at this time.
NCHRP 07-33Evaluate the Benefits of Increasing Clear Zone at Higher Speed/Traffic Volume/Crash LocationsPending
NCHRP 07-34Artificial Intelligence for Transportation Systems Management and Operations Applications Pending
NCHRP 07-35Improving Crash Data for Active Transportation Users RFP
NCHRP 07-36Self-Explaining Roads in the Safe System: Addressing Target Speeds within ContextAnticipatedIn development