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NCHRP 07-12(2) [Completed]

Metrication and Enhancement of MicroBENCOST Software Package

  Project Data
Funds: $170,000
Research Agency: Texas Transportation Institute
Principal Investigator: Katherine Turnbull
Effective Date: 12/15/1995
Completion Date: 6/30/1997

This project updated a software package that was developed under NCHRP Project 7-12, "Microcomputer Evaluation of Highway User Benefits," and has been distributed by McTrans since 1993.

A number of enhancements were required to improve the existing software program. These focused primarily on improving ease of use and informational messages, adding new elements, and updating some default data sets. In addition, there was a need to develop a metric version of the enhanced MicroBENCOST software.

The Texas Transportation Institute (TTI), administered by the Texas A&M Research Foundation, conducted both the original and the current research project. In this second project, TTI refined and extended the capabilities of the MicroBENCOST software to update the fundamental relationships and data embodied in the model and developed a metric version of the model. The research findings have been published in NCHRP Research Results Digest 242, "Metrication and Enhancements of MicroBENCOST Software Package." The digest describes details and concepts about a software package consisting of two independent programs on separate disks--an English unit version (C:/ MBE) and a metric unit version (C:/ MBM)--that update and enhance the original English unit program (C:/ MB). The new MicroBENCOST software and user's manual may be obtained from McTrans Center, University of Florida, 512 Weil Hall, P.O. Box 116585, Gainsville, FL 32611-6585. The program is listed under Transport Planning Project Management in the McTrans catalogue. McTrans may be reached at (352) 392-0378 or by e-mail at mctrans@ce.ufl.edu.

Status: A revised and metricated version of the MicroBENCOST software and documentation has been submitted and accepted. McTrans is distributing the English and Metric versions of the software and the revised user's manual. NCHRP Research Results Digest 242, which outlines the project findings, is available.

Product Availability: NCHRP Research Results Digest 242, "Metrication and Enhancement of MicroBENCOST Software Package," is available from the Transportation Research Board. The software and user's manual are available from Mc Transat the University of Florida in Gainsville.

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