Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
NCHRP 02-14Public/Private Partnerships for Financing Highway ImprovementsFinal
NCHRP 02-15Identifying Measuring, and Evaluating the Benefits of Safety Roadside Rest AreasFinal
NCHRP 02-16Relationships Between Vehicle Configurations and Highway DesignFinal
NCHRP 02-17(1)Methodologies for Evaluating the Effects of Transportation Policies on the EconomyFinal
NCHRP 02-17(2)Workshop on Research Needs in Transportation and Economic DevelopmentCompleted
NCHRP 02-17(3)Macroeconomic Analysis of the Linkages Between Transportation Investments and Economic PerformanceCompleted
NCHRP 02-17(3)AUpdate and Enhancement of Dataset for Macroeconomic Analysis of Transportation Investments and Economic PerformanceCompleted
NCHRP 02-17(4)Measuring the Relationship Between Freight Transportation Services and Industry ProductivityCompleted
NCHRP 02-17(5)Impact of Urban Congestion on BusinessFinal
NCHRP 02-17(6)Tourism Travel Contributions to Economic DevelopmentCompleted
NCHRP 02-18Research Strategies for Improving Highway User Cost-Estimating MethodologiesCompleted
NCHRP 02-18(2)Valuation of Travel-Time Savings and Predictability in Congested Conditions for Highway User-Cost EstimationCompleted
NCHRP 02-18(3)Development of an Innovative Highway User-Cost Estimation ProcedureCompleted
NCHRP 02-18(4)Development and Demonstration of StratBENCOST ProcedureCompleted
NCHRP 02-19Research on the Relationship Between Economic Development and Transportation InvestmentCompleted
NCHRP 02-19(2)Guidance on Using Existing Analytic Tools for Evaluating Transportation InvestmentsCompleted
NCHRP 02-20Economic Trends and Multimodal Transportation RequirementsCompleted
NCHRP 02-21Economic Implications of CongestionCompleted
NCHRP 02-22Needs in Communicating the Economic Impacts of Transportation InvestmentCompleted
NCHRP 02-22(2)Case Studies on Communicating the Economic Benefits of Transportation InvestmentsCompleted
NCHRP 02-23Development of an Update to the 1977 AASHTO RedbookCompleted
NCHRP 02-24Economic Productivity and Transportation Investment PrioritiesFinal
NCHRP 02-25Workforce 2030--Attracting, Retaining, and Developing the Transportation Workforce: Design, Construction, and MaintenanceFinalNCHRP Research Report 1008: Workforce 2030: Attracting, Retaining, and Developing the 2030 Transportation Workforce: Design, Construction, and Maintenance
NCHRP 02-26Implementation of Life-Cycle Planning Analysis in a Transportation Asset Management FrameworkFinal
NCHRP 02-27Making Targets Matter: Managing Performance to Enhance Decision-MakingFinal