Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
NCRRP 02-01Comparison of Passenger Rail Energy Consumption with Competing ModesCompleted
NCRRP 03-01Intercity Passenger Rail Service and Development GuideCompleted
NCRRP 03-02Intercity Passenger Rail in the Context of Dynamic Travel MarketsCompleted
NCRRP 06-01Building and Retaining Workforce Capacity for the Railroad IndustryCompleted
NCRRP 07-01Alternative Funding and Financing Mechanisms for Passenger and Freight Rail ProjectsCompleted
NCRRP 07-02Developing Multi-State Institutions to Implement Intercity Passenger Rail ProgramsCompleted
NCRRP 07-03Inventory of State Passenger and Freight Rail ProgramsCompleted
NCRRP 12-01Legal Aspects of Rail ProgramsCompleted
NCRRP 12-02NCRRP Strategic Plan/Research AgendaCompleted