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NCHRP 20-44(39) [Final]

Consultant Support for Implementation of Guidebook for Managing Data from Emerging Technologies
[ NCHRP 20-44 (NCHRP Implementation Support Program) ]

  Project Data
Research Agency: AEM Corporation
Principal Investigator: Kelley Pecheux
Effective Date: 4/21/2021
Completion Date: 6/30/2023

The Background

The objective of the NCHRP 20-44(39) implementation project was to bring the recommendations/ guidelines, roadmap, and tools from NCHRP Research Report 952: Guidebook for Managing Data from Emerging Technologies for Transportation to state DOTs interested in not only better managing data from emerging technologies but deriving direct benefits from using the data in ways they currently cannot, due to limitations in their existing data systems and management approaches and practices. Additionally, NCHRP Research Report 952 showed that there is often a disconnect between individual group/division needs and organization-wide IT and procurement practices. Thus, an additional objective of the project was to bring together people from different parts of an organization, provide the necessary foundational information, facilitate discussions, assist in addressing issues and concerns, and help bring about a meeting of the minds and next steps specific to the needs of the organization.

The Implementation Effort

The approach for NCHRP 20-44(39) included the following:

  • Identify agencies interested in participating in the implementation project.
  • Develop a 1.5-day training workshop based on the content of NCHRP Research Report 952.
  • Deliver a 1.5-day training workshop to each of the participating agencies.
  • Work with agencies to identify a specific use case for the implementation of the NCHRP Research Report 952 concepts.
  • Assist agencies in developing implementation plans based on discussions during the training workshops and their identified use cases.
  • Provide technical support to agencies during the implementation project.
  • Organize and facilitate a 1-day peer exchange with participating agencies approximately a year from the training to share successes and lessons.
  • Analyze and synthesize the outcomes of the implementation efforts.
  • Organize and facilitate a national webinar to share with other transportation agencies lessons learned during the implementation.

Final Report

The final report for NCHRP 20-44(39) is available here.

In addition, the following modules are available in support of the final report.

Module 1: What is Big Data and Why Do We Care?

Module 2: Traditional vs Modern Big Data Systems

Module 3: Pilot Project Implementation Planning

Module 4: Getting Started: Establishing the Data Environment/Playground

Module 5: Developing the Pilot – Governance, Roles/Responsibilities, Tools, Skills

Module 6: Beyond the Pilot: Making the Case for Modern Data Management Across the Organization

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