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NCHRP 20-123(12) [Final]

System Mobility and Emerging Technologies (SMET): Strategic Planning Session and Research Roadmap Development
[ NCHRP 20-123 (Support for AASHTO Committees and Councils) ]

  Project Data
Funds: $225,000
Research Agency: Stantec Consulting Services Inc.
Principal Investigator: Carmen Monroy
Effective Date: 4/5/2022
Completion Date: 11/16/2023
Comments: Final deliverables have been shared with AASHTO for use by the SMET Subcommittee.

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) joint subcommittee on System Mobility and Emerging Technologies (SMET) was created in 2017 to formally merge the related work of the AASHTO Committee on Transportation System Operations (CTSO) and Committee on Performance-Based Management (CPBM). SMET also maintains a collaborative relationship with the AASHTO Committee on Data Management and Analytics (CDMA). SMET aims to fulfill the following:
  • Serve as a forum to share how state departments of transportation (DOTs) are managing system operation and surface transportation system mobility and how system performance is impacted due to current and emerging transportation technologies, operational strategies, and connected environments.
  • Explore surface transportation system and mobility-related performance, data and analytical tools, performance communication, reporting approaches, research, and related private-sector partnerships.
  • Examine the impacts of current and emerging system management approaches such as connected and automated vehicle (CAV) technology, cooperative automated transportation (CAT), and mobility on demand (MOD) programs.
The objectives of this research were to (1) to develop a 10-year strategic plan with a 2-year action plan to guide SMET’s activities to enhance coordination with other AASHTO’s committees and partners (TRB, FHWA, ITS America, etc.); and (2) develop a research roadmap to continue to advance the state of practice in system mobility and emerging technologies. The research results are intended to guide future SMET activities and research in a coordinated fashion for SMET to support state DOTs and infrastructure owner and operators.

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