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NCHRP 20-44(33) [Active]

Evaluating the suitability of roadway corridors for use by monarch butterflies (NCHRP 20-119)
[ NCHRP 20-44 (NCHRP Implementation Support Program) ]

  Project Data
Funds: $162,800
Staff Responsibility: Trey Joseph Wadsworth
Research Agency: Monarch Joint Ventures
Principal Investigator: Laura Lukens
Effective Date: 2/10/2021
Completion Date: 8/10/2023

The implementation project focuses on NCHRP Report 942 Evaluating the Suitability of Roadway Corridors for Use by Monarch Butterflies published in 2020. The implementation (1) offers training to state departments of transportation (DOTs) for use of the landscape prioritization model, rapid assessment protocol, and roadside habitat evaluator tool, and (2) technical support and tool refinement for participating DOTs. Each training is tailored for the specific needs of the DOT, depending on how they wish to utilize or customize some or all of the tools. DOT training events occur over a one to two-day period, using lecture-style presentations and hands-on field activities targeted for management, landscape architects, GIS experts, vegetation managers, or some combination. Trainings are being conducting for a minimum of four states across different regions.

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