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ACRP Synthesis 11-03/Topic S03-16 [Active (Synthesis)]

Project Prioritization and Selection Processes for State Aviation Funding
[ ACRP 11-03 (Synthesis of Information Related to Airport Practices) ]

  Project Data
Funds: $45,000
Authorization to Begin Work: 10/22/2019 -- estimated
Staff Responsibility: Jordan Christensen
Research Agency: Mead & Hunt
Principal Investigator: Stephanie Ward
Effective Date: 10/22/2021
Fiscal Year: 2020

Final Scope


There are a variety of ways state aviation agencies prioritize, select, and justify projects for funding under state grant programs, determine project, develop statewide CIPs, identify programs for set aside funds, and evaluate projects. State and regional aviation officials would benefit from a comprehensive resource to identify and understand various aspects of planning, managing, and administering state aviation funds. This synthesis is not meant to evaluate or rate any specific state's methodologies, but rather to describe practices, lessons learned, and open issues.


The objective of this synthesis is to document how state aviation agencies prioritize and select aviation projects with the funds available. This includes all state funding sources that contribute to aviation projects. The intended audience for this report is state aviation officials and airport sponsors.


The following tasks will be accomplished and the resulting information will be described in a concise report:

·       Review and document pertinent literature

·       Attempt to collect the following data from every state and report methods how States:

·       Formulate CIPs

·       Prioritize projects

·       Select projects for funding

·       Determine project eligibility

·       Identify set aside funds for specific programs (e.g., sustainability, economic development, climate change adaptation, resiliency, cyber security, airport maintenance and operations)

·       Analyze and justify aviation investments (e.g., ROI, BCA)

·       Evaluate sponsors for funding risk (e.g., past performance, local match, grant assurance compliance, grant drawdown)

·       Provide at least five case examples with innovative approaches from geographically distributed states

·      Describe block grant funding special circumstances

·      Provide appendix materials that display helpful documents/checklists found during data collection.

·       Describe any further research needs to close gaps in knowledge.


Partial Information Sources


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Topic Panel

Arturo Bujuanda, Modalis Infrastrucutre Partners

John Fuller, University of Iowa

Ryan Gaug, Minnesota Department of Transportation

Scott LeCount, McFarland-Johnson, Inc.

Jennifer Martin, Parrish and Partners, LLC

Catherine Young, Conneticut Airport Authority

Liying Gu, ACI-NA

Cathy Nelmes, FAA



Stephanie Ward, Mead & Hunt



TRB Staff

Jordan Christensen


Demisha Williams




First Panel Meeting: 10/22/2021, via Virtual

Teleconference: 11/23/21, 1PM EDT via Zoom

Workplan Delivered: 12/7/2021

Comments Due (Email): 12/14/2021

Draft Report Delivered: 4/6/2022

Second Panel Meeting: 4/27/2022

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