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ACRP Synthesis 11-03/Topic S03-16 [New]

State Aviation Funding: Project Prioritization and Selection Processes
[ ACRP 11-03 (Synthesis of Information Related to Airport Practices) ]

  Project Data
Funds: $45,000
Staff Responsibility: Kerry L. Ahearn
Fiscal Year: 2020

Tentative Scope

There are a variety of ways state aviation agencies prioritize, select, and justify projects for funding under state grant programs, determine project and sponsor eligibility, develop statewide CIPs, identify programs for set aside funds, and evaluate projects and sponsors.  State and regional aviation system planners and managers would benefit if a comprehensive resource was available to identify and perform their own evaluation of various aspects of planning, managing, and administering regional and state aviation systems.

This project aims to synthesize the various ways state aviation agencies manage, administer, and implement their programs and funding mechanisms. It would not evaluate or rate of any specific state's methodologies. Rather, this project would describe effective practices, lessons learned, and open issues. This project builds on ACRP Project 01-37, Performance Measures for State Aviation Agencies, identifying approaches to tying projects and the overall project selection process to improving State Aviation System Planning-related performance measures.
The objective of this synthesis is to summarize and document various state aviation grant program policies, procedures, and processes used across the country. The audience for this report is state aviation planners and the airport management staff that they serve through grant programs.

The following tasks and resulting information will be described in a concise report:
• Review and pertinent literature
• Collect data from state aviation officials via survey or interview and report on the various ways that states
• Formulat CIPs
• Select projects for funding
• Prioritize projects during the selection process
• Determine sponsor and project eligibility
• Identify set aside funds for specific programs
• Justify investments (e.g., ROI)
• Evaluate sponsors for various metrics (grant assurance compliance, grant drawdown, risk, etc.)
• Provide at least five case examples from geographically distributed states that highlight a range of practices for prioritize, select, and justify projects for funding under state grant programs, determine project and sponsor eligibility, develop statewide CIPs, identify programs for set aside funds, and evaluate projects and sponsors
• Provide appendix materials that display any helpful documents/checklists found during data collection.
• Describe any further research needs to close gaps in knowledge.  For example, there are ten block grant states fully responsible for administering AIP funds so further research may include consideration of differences.

Partial Information Sources

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TRB Staff
Kerry L. Ahearn


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