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NCHRP 20-123(05) [Final]

Support for Review of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) Notice of Proposed Amendments (NPA)
[ NCHRP 20-123 (Support for AASHTO Committees and Councils) ]

  Project Data
Funds: $50,000
Comments: This project was canceled

Project was canceled
It is expected that the FHWA will soon release an NPA for the next MUTCD. Because of federal requirements, the FHWA cannot specify an exact date or release any information on the content until the NPA is actually released. It is also expected that the review period will be fairly short (3-4 months) though this is also uncertain.
The AASHTO Committee on Traffic Engineering (the Committee) has traditionally taken the lead for AASHTO’s review of MUTCD NPAs. This is an important responsibility since changes can have significant safety and financial impacts on DOTs. This review involves hundreds of DOT staff (thousands of hours of time) and numerous web conferences in a very short period of time.
The objectives of this effort were to provide administrative and technical support to the Committee in the review of the NPA and to prepare a concise summary of the issues important to state DOTs.
The Committee will use the summary to prepare a recommended AASHTO response to the NPA. The due date for the summary will be determined based on the NPA due date, the schedule for action by the Committee, and the schedule for action by AASHTO leadership.

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