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NCHRP 20-44(23) [Completed]

Pilot Test of Climate Change Design Practices Guide for Hydrology and Hydraulics
[ NCHRP 20-44 (NCHRP Implementation Support Program) ]

  Project Data
Funds: $250,000
Research Agency: Dewberry Engineers Inc.
Principal Investigator: Siamak Esfandiary
Effective Date: 9/30/2020
Completion Date: 8/31/2022
Comments: Completed

NCHRP Project 15-61, Applying Climate Change Information to Hydrologic and Hydraulic Design of Transportation Infrastructure, developed a proposed AASHTO Design Practices Guide of national scope that provides hydrologic and hydraulic (H&H) engineers with tools needed to amend current practice to account for future climate change. The guide addresses potential effects of climate change such as sea level rise and extreme rainfall events and will aid inland H&H and coastal engineers responsible for the planning, design, operation, and maintenance of transportation infrastructure to prepare for these effects. The guide provides a comprehensive framework for considering and, where appropriate, incorporating climate change into inland hydrology and coastal analyses. To the extent possible, the guide is independent of specific tools and data sets. Though it is applicable to the tools and data sets available today, it is not tied to them; the guide is structured so that it will remain relevant when new tools and data sets become available in the future.
The objective of this implementation project was to conduct pilot tests in concert with several state departments of transportation (DOTs) to determine the effectiveness and ease of implementation of the Design Practices Guide produced in NCHRP Project 15-61.
STATUS: The contractor's reports are available here:

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