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NCHRP 20-102(23) [Final]

Potential Impacts of Highly Automated Vehicles and Shared Mobility on Traveler Behavior
[ NCHRP 20-102 (Impacts of Connected Vehicles and Automated Vehicles on State and Local Transportation Agencies--Task-Order Support) ]

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Comments: TCRP B-47 has been expanded in scope and budget to include this project

This project is combined with TCRP Project B-47 Mobility Inclusion for Underserved Population with the Emerging Technologies

The objective of this research is to explore the potential impacts of HAVs and shared mobility on VMT and system capacity, as well as the behavior of other road users, particularly in light of the potential for zero occupancy vehicles.
Key objectives of this research include:
  • Understanding the impact of HAVs and SAVs on private vehicle ownership and use in an automated future;
  • Understanding the relationship and interaction of HAVs and SAVs on public transportation;
  • Understanding the impacts of HAVs and SAVs on individual modal choice and willingness to use active transportation, public transportation, and other modes; and
  • Understanding the VMT, congestion, air emissions (greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and criteria pollutants) of SAVs and HAVs under a variety potential deployment scenarios, such as:
    • The travel behavior and environmental impacts of HAVs and SAVs on jobs and housing location decisions (i.e., will HAVs/SAVs encourage denser urban cores, suburban/exurban growth, or a combination of both, and under what circumstances?);
    • The travel behavior and environmental impacts of HAVs and SAVs based on business model deployment (i.e., business-to-consumer, peer-to-peer, or mixed fleets); and
    • The travel behavior and environmental impacts of HAVs and SAVs based on a variety of pricing and pooling scenarios (i.e., will zero occupant vehicles be permissible and, if so, under what circumstances?).

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