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ACRP Synthesis 11-03/Topic S02-21 [Active (Synthesis)]

Practices in Airport Renewable Energy Projects
[ ACRP 11-03 (Synthesis of Information Related to Airport Practices) ]

  Project Data
Funds: $45,000
Authorization to Begin Work: 10/23/2018 -- estimated
Staff Responsibility: Gail R. Staba
Research Agency: Barrett Energy Resources Group LLC
Principal Investigator: Stephen Barrett
Fiscal Year: 2019

Final Scope

Renewable energy is now mainstream as a result of technological advancement, market maturity, cost effectiveness, and public sector policy and investment with profound benefits to power markets. As airports respond to a variety of stakeholders regarding potential environmental impacts of development and operation, providing renewable energy project enhancements that respond to stakeholder concerns is one way to advance local acceptance and development approvals. Including renewable energy resources at airports is one option that can address concerns regarding the environmental impacts of the airports and air travel.

Renewable energy delivers not only environmental enhancements but can also result in infrastructure benefits, cost savings, and potentially new sources of revenue and resiliency. It diversifies the sources of energy and decentralizes the power generation network increasing competition, expanding infrastructure investments, and improving national energy security and reliability of the electrical grid. It has also demonstrated the viability of a future carbon free economy with the design of high performance buildings and facilities that use less energy and supply what is needed through renewable sources. There are many US airport that have implemented projects on airport and executed agreements off airport to bring renewable energy to the airport.

The objective of this research is to compile a comprehensive matrix of airports that have developed renewable energy projects and their typology and capacity; and to provide case studies that further identity drivers, financial mechanisms, and lessons learned to serve as examples for other airports interested in pursuing similar projects. The audience for this report is airport management and may include energy managers, airport planners, and others that may have to make the case for renewable energy projects to decision makers.

The research proposed concludes in a concise report of practice and includes, but is not limited to literature review and industry survey/interview to identify and document:

• All known airport renewable energy projects to 9/1/2019 (i.e., a matrix that includes airport, state, technology, capacity of project, ownership)
• Case examples of renewable energy projects at airports that are most impactful and widely applicable (diverse set of airports by hub size, governance, geographic region, regulated/deregulated energy markets, project ownership-airport v. third party)
o Development processes
o Approvals required
o Stakeholders and agreement parties (e.g., permits, glare and other analyses required)
o Project performance
o Ownership issues (cost of ownership, who operates and maintains)
o Term length (e.g., length of power purchase agreement)
o Average utility rate
o Business case information (e.g., financing, rebates, incentives, credits)
o Lessons learned (positive and negatives)
o Challenges and opportunities (e.g., power purchase, third party agreements, stakeholder issues)
• Appendices in form of checklists, electronic tools, contracts, permits or other documents that would provide guidance to others interested in developing renewable energy projects at airports.
• Knowledge gaps and open items for further research.

The concise report will provide the industry examples for how renewable energy projects have been developed and approved consistent with aeronautical uses and grant assurances.
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Topic Panel

Sheldon Daisley, City of Phoenix Aviation Department
Joakim Osthus, Mead & Hunt, Inc.
Kristoffer Russell, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
Jon Strobel, Lambert, St. Louis International Airport Job
Amanda Sutton, Denver International Airport
Mitchell Otey, Federal Aviation Administration
Patrick W. Magnotta, Federal Aviation Administration
Melinda Z. Pagliarello, Airports Council International -- North America
Stephen Barrett
Barrett Energy Resources Group LLC
TRB Staff
Gail R. Staba

First meeting: May 30, 2019, Washington, DC
Teleconference: July 10,2019; 1p EDT; fallback July 11, 2019; 3p EDT
Second meeting: December 10, 2019, Washington, DC

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