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NCHRP 20-102(18) [Pending]

Minimum Safety Data Needed for Automated Vehicle Operations and Crash Analysis
[ NCHRP 20-102 (Impacts of Connected Vehicles and Automated Vehicles on State and Local Transportation Agencies--Task-Order Support) ]

  Project Data
Funds: $225,000
Staff Responsibility: William C. Rogers


The objective of this project is to identify and define the minimum set of safety data associated with AVs that should be available to conduct crash and safety analyses. This data should include on-road and validation and testing data for crashes and near-crashes and include relevant information on the conditions associated with the incident.

It is expected that a key part of the research will be convening safety and AV specialists and data scientists to explore, among other issues, uses of the data, relevant data collected by AVs, privacy restrictions, reliance on other data sources, data sharing arrangements, and liability.


This project has been incorporated into NCHRP Project 17-91, Assessing the Impacts of Connected, Automated, and Autonomous Vehicles on the Future of Transportation Safety.


To a great extent, transportation agencies support the deployment of automated vehicles (AVs) because of the expected improvements in safety. The scoping meeting of the TRB Forum on Automated Vehicles and Shared Mobility Services identified safety data standards as a critical research need. Breakout Session #4 of the 2017 Automated Vehicle Symposium (“An AV Crashes: What Happens Next?”) also identified this as an action item: “Research the appropriate amount and types of data that should be captured, along with the methods of reliable storage.” (http://www.automatedvehiclessymposium.org/program/proceedings)


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