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NCHRP 20-102(19) [Active]

Update AASHTO’s Connected Vehicle/Automated Vehicle Research Roadmap
[ NCHRP 20-102 (Impacts of Connected Vehicles and Automated Vehicles on State and Local Transportation Agencies--Task-Order Support) ]

  Project Data
Funds: $124,904
Staff Responsibility: B. Ray Derr
Research Agency: Booz Allen Hamilton
Principal Investigator: Ram Kandarpa
Effective Date: 3/13/2018
Completion Date: 3/12/2020


The objective of this project is to update and maintain the research roadmap developed in NCHRP Project 20-24(98) to reflect the current landscape. The research team will be expected to bring knowledge gained from many sources to the roadmap, including the literature, relevant AASHTO events, relevant research underway or planned by other research institutions, the annual Automated Vehicle Symposium sponsored by TRB and AUVSI, and the newly formed TRB Forum on Preparing for Automated Vehicles and Shared Mobility. The contractor for this task may be asked to provide desk scans of particular topics.


Task 1 is complete and the Commentary on Current Research Roadmap and Completed Projects is available.

Task 2 is complete for 2018 and the Year 1 Catalog of Research Topics is available.

Task 3 has begun and the first desk scan will be looking at the uses of the Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) band and alternative communications channels. It is expected to be available in early 2019.


Task 1. Review the current research roadmap and provide commentary on the current value of the research efforts described.

Task 2. Approximately one month before the meeting of the NCHRP 20-102 panel to select new tasks (currently held in conjunction with the Automated Vehicle Symposium), deliver a catalog of worthy research efforts, particularly those that advance state and local policies and practices to best meet long-term societal goals such as increasing safety, reducing congestion, enhancing accessibility, increasing sustainability, and encouraging economic development. These efforts should total approximately twice the funds available for programming through NCHRP 20-102. It is expected that this catalog will also be used by other research programs seeking candidate research projects.

Task 3. Upon request (up to 3 times/year), perform a desk scan of the literature and current domestic and international activities on a particular topic, interview thought leaders as appropriate, and develop a white paper for the target audience (typically mid-level managers at state and local transportation agencies). These requests may occur at any time and the white paper should be delivered within eight weeks of the request. It is expected that these white papers will be made available through the TRB website following review and approval by the project oversight panel.


In 2014, NCHRP Project 20-24(98) developed a Connected Vehicle/Automated Research Roadmap addressing the policy, planning, and implementation issues facing state and local transportation agencies. The roadmap was based on the research team’s knowledge of the topic, a workshop with the project oversight panel, and review by various parties. This roadmap has served as a key reference for the NCHRP 20-102 panel in selecting projects to pursue. Developments in this area continue apace and the research roadmap is in need of refreshing.

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