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ACRP Synthesis 11-03/Topic S06-05 [Active (Synthesis)]

Promoting Aviation Career Education in High Schools and Community Colleges
[ ACRP 11-03 (Synthesis of Information Related to Airport Practices) ]

  Project Data
Funds: $45,000
Staff Responsibility: Thomas J. Helms, Jr.
Fiscal Year: 2018

Final Scope
Some airports and industrial aviation concerns are becoming involved in the promotion of special schools or curricula to prepare high school or community college students for careers in aviation (flying, maintenance, operations, ATC, manufacturing). An example cited in ACRP Synthesis 79 is the aviation academy at Lake City Gateway Airport in Lake City, FL.
Research is needed to collect examples of such programs and explore the many opportunities that airports have to contribute to the next generation of aviation professionals.
A concise report will be generated that summarizes the results of the literature review and survey/interview results. The report will include current practices for promoting aviation career opportunities at high schools, community colleges, and airports. The topics to be explored in the report include, but are not limited to:
  • Airport/community college/high school relationship(s)
  • Program size
  • Funding sources, including grants and scholarships
  • Partnerships
  • Program promotion
  • Development strategies and building community
  • Curriculum development
  • Educational outcomes (e.g., pilot certificate, ATC, college credit, CTE completion)
  • Barriers/challenges
  • Identification of program need and champion
  • Post-graduation careers/tracking and pathways
  • Impact of outside influences
  • Visibility of opportunities
  • Work-based learning
The following aviation functional areas should be considered in the report:
  • Flight training
  • Maintenance
  • ATC
  • Aerospace engineering
  • UAS
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Cargo operations
  • Airport operations/management
  • Aircraft dispatch
  • Avionics
At a minimum, the following tasks will be completed to develop the report:
  • Literature review
  • Interviews/survey
  • Synthesis of current industry practice based on interviews/survey
  • Document specific examples of programs
The report should include examples of programs and activities at high schools, community colleges, and airports. In addition, the report should provide examples of established aviation education programs that may available to high schools, community colleges, and airports.
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Dr. Jeffrey Borowiec, Texas Transportation Institute
Traci Clark, Cleveland Airport System
Sam Fischer, Florida State College at Jacksonville
Mandy Haverdink, Allegheny County Airport Authority
Therese Tipton, Raisbeck Aviation High School
William Reinhardt, Federal Aviation Administration
Qinya Pang, Airports Council International – North America
Cindy Hasselbring, Airport Owners and Pilots Association
TRB Staff
Tom Helms
Phone: 202/747-4396
Email: thelms@nas.edu

First Panel: May 23, 2018
Teleconference with Consultant: October 29, 2018
Second Panel: March 19, 2019

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