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NCHRP 20-102(06) [Final]

Road Markings for Machine Vision
[ NCHRP 20-102 (Impacts of Connected Vehicles and Automated Vehicles on State and Local Transportation Agencies--Task-Order Support) ]

  Project Data
Funds: $200,000
Research Agency: Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Principal Investigator: Adam Pike
Effective Date: 7/13/2016
Completion Date: 8/12/2018


The Contractor's Final Report is available and is being used by the joint AASHTO SAE Working Group.

The objective of the research was to develop information on the performance characteristics of pavement markings that affect the ability of machine vision systems to recognize them. This information is expected to be useful to the AASHTO/SAE Working Group as they develop guidelines and criteria. Markings to be studied are center lines [Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) Section 3B.01], no-passing zone markings [MUTCD 3B.02], lane lines [MUTCD 3B.04, including dotted extensions for ramps], and edge lines [MUTCD 3B.06]. Factors to be considered include pavement marking presence, type of marking (flush, raised [MUTCD 3B.11, 3B.12, 3B.13, 3B.14], recessed, or temporary [MUTCD 6F.77, 6F.78, 6F.79]), contrast between the pavement and the marking during daytime conditions (including contrast markings, different angles of the sun, and the effects of shadows), retroreflectivity of the marking during nighttime conditions (including the effect of illumination) and different weather conditions (rain, fog, etc.), pavement uniformity (including sealed cracks and patching), vehicle speed, and the impact of other substances on the road such as snow, sand, salt, and water. It is intended that the work include a range of forward-facing machine vision systems so that the current technologies and those on the horizon can be accommodated.


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