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NCHRP 20-24(97) [Final]

Advancing Performance Management under a National Framework
[ NCHRP 20-24 (Administration of Highway and Transportation Agencies) ]

  Project Data
Funds: $240,000
Research Agency: Spy Pond Partners
Principal Investigator: Hyun-A Park
Effective Date: 6/13/2014
Completion Date: 12/12/2015

The objectives of this research were to (a) identify the challenges and opportunities associated with data collection, data management, and analysis methodologies to support preparation of national-level transportation system performance information, and (b) develop a performance- management research roadmap that will inform future research and development activities to be undertaken by the transportation industry.
The research team (1) reviewed salient characteristics of national data sets relevant to transportation system performance measurement, particularly as defined under federal legislation and regulations, and assessed these data sets’ suitability of for use by DOTs and others for monitoring, managing, and reporting on performance; (2) facilitated a workshop to frame the core questions of national-level performance reporting; (3) prepared an interim report summarizing data and information issues to be considered in developing a research roadmap; (4) developed a structure and framework for categorizing potential research needs and criteria for evaluating research priorities and proposed projects; (5) facilitated a workshop of transportation researchers and practitioners to help establish a multi-year performance measures research road map; and (6) presented the results in a report with draft research problem statements and proposed funding levels for research areas identified as critical needs.  In addition, the team developed a portal for AASHTO's use in maintaining an active repository of research problem statements for use by the Standing Committee on Performance Management and others.  The final report was delivered to AASHTO and is available for download by clicking here.

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