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NCHRP 20-24(104) [Final]

State DOT Implementation of MAP21 Performance Measure Rules
[ NCHRP 20-24 (Administration of Highway and Transportation Agencies) ]

  Project Data
Funds: $150,000
Research Agency: Cambridge Systematics
Principal Investigator: Anita Vandervalk-Ostrander
Effective Date: 2/23/2016
Completion Date: 11/15/2017

Recent federal transportation legislation has included development and adoption of Performance Measures, Target Setting, Performance Plans, and the like. The U. S. Department of Transportation has proceeded with rulemaking activities to define the requirements and content of performance measurement and management for the portions of the nation’s transportation system subject to federal oversight. Rulemaking has progressed slowly, and at the end of CY2017 many state and metropolitan agencies are faced with multiple deadlines for meeting recently established and emerging regulatory requirements.
Many DOT’s, regardless of how mature their performance management system is, need assistance in implementing the rules. Coordination of performance management efforts with Metropolitan Planning Organizations presents additional challenges for many states. The objectives of this research were to (a) assess the degree of state DOT “readiness” for data collection, data analysis, and data reporting needed to meet the requirements of new federal rules to implement performance measurement and management; and (b) develop guidance, tools, and good practice examples to assist DOTs with compliance.  After completing initial assessments of readiness and needs, the research team worked with state and metropolitan agency personnel to develop a tool for tracking requirements and critical dates for rule compliance.
The timeline tool is available through AASHTO's Transportation Performance Management (TPM) portal.  The research team's final report of their activities is available for download by clicking here.

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