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ACRP Synthesis 11-03/Topic S01-11 [Final (Synthesis)]

Continuity of Operations Planning for Small Airports
[ ACRP 11-03 (Synthesis of Information Related to Airport Practices) ]

  Project Data
Funds: $40,000
Authorization to Begin Work: 10/27/2014 -- estimated
Staff Responsibility: Gail R. Staba
Research Agency: North Dakota State University
Principal Investigator: Amiy Varma
Effective Date: 5/12/2015
Completion Date: 10/13/2016
Fiscal Year: 2015

TRB's Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) Synthesis 78: Continuity of Operations Planning for Small Airports compiles information about current continuity planning practices at airports of different types and sizes and determine how they can be effectively applied to smaller airports to maintain resilient operational and business capacity during a disruption, regardless of cause.

Business continuity planning is the process of developing a plan for operating essential operational and business functions in the face of a disruption caused by any types of emergencies, incidents, or events. This study addresses business continuity planning for both emergency and non-emergency disruptions. This report is a companion to ACRP Report 93: Operational and Business Continuity Planning for Prolonged Airport Disruptions.

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