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NCHRP 25-25/Task 055 [Final]

Design, Organize and Implement a Training Program for Mainstreaming Environmental Stewardship and Enhancement Activities into Planning and Project Development
[ NCHRP 25-25 (Research for the AASHTO Committee on Environment and Sustainability) ]

  Project Data
Funds: $50,000
Research Agency: PB Americas/RSG
Principal Investigator: Peter Plumeau
Effective Date: 11/3/2008
Comments: The project has been completed and the final report submitted to AASHTO.

Section 6001 of SAFETEA-LU provides that MPOs are encouraged to consult or coordinate with planning officials responsible for other types of planning activities affected by transportation, including planned growth, economic development and environmental protection. The Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) is to include a discussion of potential environmental mitigation activities along with potential sites to carry out the activities to be included. This research helped create and implement a training program on mainstreaming environmental stewardship into systems planning and project development.

The products of the research included a final report and an executive summary structured as a brochure. These can be found at:

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