Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
NCHRP 03-126Operational Standards for Highway InfrastructureAnticipated
NCHRP 10-90Guidance for Complying with EPA Effluent Limitation Guidelines for Construction RunoffAnticipated
NCHRP 10-99Guidebook for Implementing Constructability Across the Entire Project Development Process: NEPA to Final DesignAnticipated
NCHRP 13-06Development of an Automated Tool to Assist in the Formulation and Maintenance of Long Range Equipment Replacement PlansAnticipated
NCHRP 15-58An Assessment of Safety and Geometric Design Criteria for Diverging Diamond InterchangesAnticipated
NCHRP 15-66Arterial Weaving on Conventional and Alternative IntersectionsAnticipated
NCHRP 20-07/Task 330Waterproofing of Bridge Decks Using Pavement Preservation Products AnticipatedProject cancelled.
NCHRP 20-07/Task 341Guidelines for Development HSM Part C Predictive Method ChaptersAnticipatedIn development
NCHRP 20-07/Task 354Work Zone Speed Limits and Crash Data PracticesAnticipated
NCHRP 20-07/Task 358Reducing Risks to Worker Safety in Work Zones Due to Distracted DriversAnticipated
NCHRP 20-07/Task 367Analysis of Crash Contributing Factors to Determine Appropriate CountermeasuresAnticipated
NCHRP 20-07/Task 368Development of a Roadmap for Use of SHRP2 Safety Data to Enhance Existing PublicationsAnticipated
NCHRP 20-07/Task 374Guidelines for Selecting Sign Sheeting Materials for AASHTO M268Anticipated
NCHRP 20-102(04)Evaluation Guidance for Automated Vehicle Pilot and Demonstration ProjectsAnticipatedIn development
NCHRP 20-102(05)Strategic Communications Plan for NCHRP Project 20-102AnticipatedIn development
NCHRP 20-102(10)Cybersecurity Implications of CV/AV Technologies on State and Local Transportation AgenciesAnticipated
NCHRP 20-102(11)Summary of Existing Studies on the Effects of CV/AV on Travel DemandAnticipated
NCHRP 20-102(13)Planning Data Needs and Collection Techniques for CV/AV ApplicationsAnticipated
NCHRP 20-102(14)Data Management Strategies for CV/AV Applications for OperationsAnticipated
NCHRP 20-113Research Roadmap -- Transformational Technologies (other than CV/AV)Anticipated
NCHRP 20-115Deploying Transportation Security Practices in State DOTsAnticipated
NCHRP 20-116Emergency Management in State Transportation AgenciesAnticipated
NCHRP 25-47Strategies to Reduce Agency Costs and Improve Benefits Related to Highway Access ManagementAnticipatedIn development; RFP pending publication of Access Management Application Guidelines
TCRP C-24Practices and Recommendations Concerning Determination of End-of-Life of Transit Traction Power Cables and Determination of Replacement CriteriaAnticipated
TCRP F-26Improving the Health and Safety of the Transit Workforce with Corresponding Impacts on the Bottom-LineAnticipated
TCRP G-17Procurement Guidelines for Bus Operator Seating and ControlsAnticipated
TCRP H-55Guidebook for Integrating Transportation and Health Care ProvidersAnticipated
TCRP J-05/Topic 17-01Impact of the Americans with Disabilities Act on Transit Agency LiabilityAnticipated
TCRP J-05/Topic 17-02Legal Implications of Video Surveillance on Transit SystemsAnticipated