Project Number Project Title Posted Date Due Date
NCHRP 03-143Framework and Toolkit for Selecting Pedestrian Crossing Treatments12/12/20222/14/2023
NCHRP 03-148Preparing for Virtual Operation of Traffic Management Systems12/22/20222/21/2023
NCHRP 03-149Evaluation of the Traffic Signal Timing Manual, Third Edition12/13/20221/31/2023
NCHRP 05-26Development of Updated Warrants for Roadway Lighting12/14/20221/30/2023
NCHRP 07-31State DOT and Tribal Use of Active Transportation Data: Practices, Sources, Needs, and Gaps11/7/20221/31/2023
NCHRP 08-144Rural Transit Fleet Mix and Vehicle Size Decision Trees11/29/20221/31/2023
NCHRP 08-150Tools to Integrate Equity into Active Transportation and Safety Investments12/14/20222/21/2023
NCHRP 08-163Defining Appropriate Design and Accommodation Thresholds for Active Transportation in a Context-Driven Approach1/23/20233/8/2023
NCHRP 08-164Institutional Integration of Active Transportation1/3/20232/21/2023
NCHRP 08-165Use of Active Transportation Data in Decision-Making12/6/20222/1/2023
NCHRP 08-167Guide for Creating Effective Transportation Visualizations12/13/20222/3/2023
NCHRP 08-168Analysis and Assessment of the National Performance Management Data12/6/20221/20/2023
NCHRP 08-169Valuing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Transportation Asset Management12/9/20222/3/2023
NCHRP 08-170Closing the Loop: Post-Implementation Evaluation of Transportation Projects12/1/20222/1/2023
NCHRP 08-171Institutionalizing the Safe System Approach in Transportation Planning and Programming11/14/20222/9/2023
NCHRP 08-172Benefit Analysis of Private Health Sector Investments in Non-Emergency Medical Transportation1/6/20232/27/2023
NCHRP 08-173NCHRP 08-173: Impacts of E-Commerce on Travel and Land Use Patterns11/28/20221/20/2023
NCHRP 10-119Guidance for Implementing Utility Investigations in Alignment with Project Delivery12/16/20222/7/2023
NCHRP 10-123Incorporating Quality Assurance into Green Public Procurement Practices 12/2/20221/19/2023
NCHRP 10-124Development of a Field Test to Determine Chip Seal Aggregate Embedment12/9/20221/25/2023
NCHRP 10-125Update Bridge Construction Requirements1/17/20233/7/2023
NCHRP 15-61AHydrologic and Hydraulic Design Guide to Incorporate Climate Science in Transportation Infrastructure1/6/20232/24/2023
NCHRP 17-103A Guide and Toolkit for Strategic Decision-Making to Improve Traffic Safety12/13/20222/1/2023
NCHRP 17-107Guide for Work Zone Intrusion Prediction and Prevention12/21/20222/22/2023
NCHRP 17-110Vehicle-Based Telemetric Data for State and Local Transportation Agencies11/15/20221/24/2023
NCHRP 17-114Integrated Strategies for Managing Excessive Travel Speed to Improve Safety Performance12/16/20221/31/2023
NCHRP 17-116Practical Approaches to Quantifying Safe System Concepts12/29/20222/14/2023
NCHRP 17-117Advancing Safety Prediction Methodologies for Horizontal Curves11/29/20221/19/2023
NCHRP 17-119Conflict-Based Crash Prediction Method for Intersections1/3/20232/21/2023
NCHRP 17-121Using Advanced Technologies to Reduce Commercial Motor Vehicle Crashes in Work Zones12/1/20222/7/2023
NCHRP 19-22Equity Impacts of Transportation Revenue Mechanisms and Changing Trends12/21/20222/21/2023
NCHRP 20-102(33)A Guide to Enhancing the Safety of Vulnerable Road Users in a CAV Future12/20/20223/1/2023
NCHRP 22-57Procedures for Development of MASH Full-Scale Test Matrices for Additional Roadside Safety Devices12/19/20222/8/2023
NCHRP 22-58National In-Service Performance Evaluation Guidelines for Defining Acceptable Roadside Safety Hardware12/9/20221/25/2023
NCHRP 23-11Transportation Emergency Management and Security Summit and Exchange12/6/20221/31/2023
NCHRP 23-13(03)Guide on Truck Rest and Service Areas for Critical Supply Chain Delivery1/11/20233/10/2023
NCHRP 23-29Transportation Enterprise Data Warehouse Implementation Guide12/12/20221/25/2023
NCHRP 23-30Strategies to Improve Application of Research Results in the Research Life Cycle12/29/20222/16/2023
NCHRP 23-31Strategies to Foster the Implementation of Knowledge Management12/22/20222/14/2023
NCHRP 23-32Transportation Asset Risk and Resilience12/7/20222/9/2023
NCHRP 23-33Managed Retreat To Address Extreme Weather, Natural Hazards, and Climate Impacts12/1/20221/30/2023
NCHRP 25-66Reviewing the REMEL Noise Database to Accommodate the Current Vehicle Fleet12/19/20222/6/2023
NCHRP 25-67Guide to Mitigation of Adverse Effects on Cultural Resources12/14/20222/21/2023
NCHRP 25-68Documenting and Verifying Environmental Commitments12/20/20222/14/2023