Project Number Project Title Posted Date Due Date
NCHRP 03-151Data Subsystems and Data Management Plans for Traffic Management Systems11/8/202312/22/2023
NCHRP 07-35Improving Crash Data for Active Transportation Users 10/25/202312/11/2023
NCHRP 08-175Understanding Travel Behavior Impacts of Transportation Systems Management and Operations Strategies11/9/20231/8/2024
NCHRP 08-176Balancing Freight and Goods Delivery Needs in Designing Complete Streets10/31/202312/18/2023
NCHRP 08-178Identifying and Evaluating Divided, Overburdened, and Underrepresented Communities10/10/202312/4/2023
NCHRP 08-179Strategies and Actions for Collaboration: A Guide for DOTs, MPOs, and Partners10/24/202312/8/2023
NCHRP 08-180Achieving Efficient Cultural Resources Management in Project Delivery11/16/20231/4/2024
NCHRP 08-184Induced Demand Assessment Framework: A Guide10/19/202312/5/2023
NCHRP 10-126Field-Cured Products and Water Quality: A Guide for Screening and Risk Mitigation10/19/202312/7/2023
NCHRP 10-127Impact of Bolt Holes on the Performance of Steel Girders11/10/20231/4/2024
NCHRP 10-128Multiple-Sensor Weigh-In-Motion Systems to Enhance Data Accuracy and Reliability11/9/20231/3/2024
NCHRP 10-129Field Studies of Steel Girder Fit-Up11/1/202312/21/2023
NCHRP 10-130Guide for Using Alternative Contracting Methods for Small Highway Projects10/31/202312/15/2023
NCHRP 10-132Understanding the Interaction Between Total Scour Components11/1/202312/21/2023
NCHRP 10-137Movable Bridge Construction Requirements11/1/202312/20/2023
NCHRP 12-126Design and Testing of High-Load Multi-Rotational Disc Bearings for Bridges11/3/202312/20/2023
NCHRP 12-127Load Rating and Posting of Long-Span Bridges2/1/2024
NCHRP 17-124Effectiveness of Speed Reduction in Work Zones10/26/202312/11/2023
NCHRP 17-127Guide for Applying Quantitative Highway Safety Analysis Methods11/9/20231/3/2024
NCHRP 17-128Reducing Adverse Driving Behaviors in Work Zones: Strategies and Guidelines11/8/202312/29/2023
NCHRP 23-34Performance Measures for Community-Centered Transportation Outcomes: A Guide10/24/202312/8/2023
NCHRP 23-36Development of a Knowledge Capture Toolkit for State DOTs11/3/202312/19/2023
NCHRP 23-37Integrating Performance Management, Risk Management, and Process Improvement: A Guide10/26/20231/9/2024