Project Number Project Title Posted Date Due Date
NCHRP 09-64Developing Laboratory Methods and Specifications to Test Tack Coat Materials8/26/201910/9/2019
NCHRP 10-107Guide for Implementing Performance Specifications8/22/201910/10/2019
NCHRP 14-43Construction Guide Specifications for Cold Central Plant Recycling and Cold In-Place Recycling9/16/201911/5/2019
NCHRP 20-06/Topic 25-01Public Liabilities Relating to Driveway Permits7/18/20199/18/2019
NCHRP 20-06/Topic 25-03Managing Enhanced Risk in the Mega Project Era7/23/20199/24/2019
NCHRP 20-06/Topic 25-04Laws Governing Homeless Encampments in Transportation Rights-of-Way8/1/201910/10/2019
NCHRP 20-06/Topic 25-05The Legal Issues Associated with Consequential Damages Provisions in Construction Contracts8/1/201910/16/2019
NCHRP 20-06/Topic 25-06Legal Aspects of Best-Value Procurement for Highway Construction (Update)8/1/201910/8/2019
NCHRP 20-06/Topic 25-07Review of Statutory and Case Law on Planning and Environmental Linkages8/1/201910/10/2019
NCHRP 20-116An Emergency Management Playbook for State Transportation Agencies8/16/201910/1/2019
NCHRP 20-123(02)Research Roadmap for the AASHTO Council on Active Transportation9/3/201910/30/2019
NCHRP 20-124Deploying Transportation Security Practices in State DOTs8/22/201910/8/2019
NCHRP 20-125Strategies for Incorporating Resilience into Transportation Networks5/30/20198/1/2019