Project Number Project Title Posted Date Due Date
NCHRP 01-57BValidating Proposed Definitions for Comparable Pavement Cracking Data11/19/20211/6/2022
NCHRP 03-144Leveraging Existing Traffic Signal Assets to Obtain Quality Traffic Counts and Enhance Transportation Monitoring Programs11/5/202112/29/2021
NCHRP 08-146Integrating Resiliency into Transportation System Operations12/7/20211/24/2022
NCHRP 08-154Guidance for Agencies to Incorporate Uncertainty into Long-Range Transportation Planning11/15/20211/5/2022
NCHRP 09-69Verifying Quantities of Materials Used in Asphalt Mixtures at Production Facilities11/9/202112/23/2021
NCHRP 10-113Quality Management for 3D Model-Based Project Development and Delivery11/11/20211/5/2022
NCHRP 10-114Developing Performance and Safety Specifications for Rejuvenating Seals12/7/20211/20/2022
NCHRP 12-124Design of Stud Shear Connectors in Composite Steel Bridges12/3/20211/18/2022
NCHRP 17-101Applying the Safe System Approach to Transportation Planning, Design, and Operations in the United States10/20/202112/15/2021
NCHRP 17-104Enhancement of Roadside Design Safety Prediction Models for the Highway Safety Manual12/7/20211/27/2022
NCHRP 20-06/Topic 26-01Effects of Indian Treaties on Development and Operation of Transportation Facilities10/26/202112/16/2021
NCHRP 20-06/Topic 26-02Analysis of Arbitration and Holdings in Construction Disputes10/26/20211/11/2022
NCHRP 20-06/Topic 26-04Pandemics and Contractual Issues10/28/202112/14/2021
NCHRP 22-55Implementation of MASH Surrogate Test Vehicles for Sign Supports, Breakaway Poles, and Work Zone Traffic Control Devices10/20/202112/7/2021
NCHRP 23-13(01)Telecommuting, Remote Work, and Hybrid Schedules: Managing the Shift to a Flexible Work Future 11/10/20211/19/2022
NCHRP 23-13(04)Scoping Supply Chain Challenges and Solutions amid COVID-1912/8/20211/25/2022
NCHRP 23-19Practices for Transportation Agency Procurement and Management of Advanced Technologies11/16/20211/21/2022
NCHRP 23-20Guidebook for Implementation of UAS Operational Capabilities11/19/20211/17/2022
NCHRP 23-24Methods to Allow Agencies to Incorporate Quantitative Risk Assessment at Project and Network Level12/8/20211/25/2022