Project Number Project Title Posted Date Due Date
NCHRP 03-141Guidance on Midblock Pedestrian Signals (MPS) 1/13/20213/4/2021
NCHRP 06-19Guidebook for Mechanical Methods for Snow and Ice Control Operations12/10/20201/26/2021
NCHRP 07-29Development of the 8th Edition of AASHTO's A Policy on the Geometric Design of Highways and Streets (Green Book)1/14/20213/2/2021
NCHRP 07-30Methods for Assigning Short-Duration Traffic Volume Counts to Adjustment Factor Groups for Estimating AADT12/7/20201/19/2021
NCHRP 08-142Virtual Public Involvement: A Manual for Effective, Equitable, and Efficient Practices for Transportation Agencies12/7/20202/10/2021
NCHRP 08-145Utilizing Cooperative Automated Transportation (CAT) Data to Enhance Freeway Operational Strategies12/15/20202/18/2021
NCHRP 08-147Improving Public Transportation in Rural Areas and Tribal Communities1/14/20213/16/2021
NCHRP 10-1103D Modeling Guide for Construction Inspection12/2/20201/15/2021
NCHRP 13-09Maximizing Proceeds from the Fleet Asset Disposal Sales Process1/5/20212/25/2021
NCHRP 14-46Guidelines for the Maintenance and Construction of Rumble Strips12/2/20201/15/2021
NCHRP 15-79Development of Guidance for Non-Standard Roadside Hardware Installations1/22/20213/18/2021
NCHRP 15-80Design Guide and Standards for Infrastructure Resilience1/6/20212/24/2021
NCHRP 17-96Traffic Safety Culture Research Roadmap1/5/20212/18/2021
NCHRP 17-97Strategies to Improve Pedestrian Safety at Night1/22/20213/15/2021
NCHRP 19-18Transitioning Fuel Tax Assessments to a Road Usage Charge12/18/20202/17/2021
NCHRP 20-102(27)Realistic Timing Estimates for Automated Vehicle Implementation 1/22/20213/8/2021
NCHRP 20-126(03)Advancing Practices of In Situ Nondestructive Evaluation of Highway System Asset Foundational Condition and Capability 12/9/20202/4/2021
NCHRP 22-50Crashworthiness of Roadside Hardware on Curbed Roadways1/5/20212/18/2021
NCHRP 23-14Research Roadmap for Knowledge Management1/11/20213/2/2021
NCHRP 23-15Guidance on Risks Related to Emerging and Disruptive Transportation Technologies1/14/20213/4/2021
NCHRP 25-64Considering Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Change in Environmental Reviews: Resources for State DOTs1/14/20213/11/2021