Project Number Project Title Posted Date Due Date
NCHRP 08-128Snapshots of Planning Practices5/2/20226/15/2022
NCHRP 08-136Guidebook on Using Performance-Based Management Approaches for Maintenance3/11/20225/13/2022
NCHRP 08-159How to Assess and Address Equity of Access to Essential Goods and Services3/23/20225/24/2022
NCHRP 08-160Guide to Identify and Mitigate the Negative Effects of Gentrification Caused by Transportation Investment5/5/20226/30/2022
NCHRP 08-161Cultivating Accountability Through Meaningful Public Engagement4/8/20226/15/2022
NCHRP 10-111Guide for 3D Model Viewers for Construction Inspection4/7/20225/27/2022
NCHRP 10-112Guidelines for Digital Technologies and Systems for Remote Construction Inspection for Highway Infrastructure Projects3/24/20225/20/2022
NCHRP 17-102Safety Performance for Active Transportation Modes Using Exposure Models3/28/20225/25/2022
NCHRP 17-106Motorist Behavior and Safety Impacts on Bicyclists from Centerline and Shoulder Rumble Strips on High-Speed Two-Lane Highways3/28/20225/24/2022
NCHRP 17-109Crash Modification Factors for Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures3/28/20225/17/2022
NCHRP 19-19Sustaining Zero-Fare Public Transit in a Post COVID-19 World: A Guide for State DOTs4/4/20225/20/2022
NCHRP 20-102(20)Preparing the Transportation Workforce for the Deployment of Emerging Technology4/8/20226/9/2022
NCHRP 20-129Guide for Addressing Encampments on State Transportation Rights-of-Way4/29/20226/16/2022
NCHRP 20-44(40)Implementing the Agency Capability Building Framework to Activate Organizational Change4/18/20226/1/2022
NCHRP 23-13(03)Guide on Truck Rest and Service Areas for Critical Supply Chain Delivery4/7/20226/3/2022
NCHRP 23-25Architecture for an Information System for Reporting and Sharing Truck Regulatory Requirements Data5/13/20226/28/2022
NCHRP 24-51Effects of Construction Installation Methods on the Design and Performance of Drilled Shaft Foundations4/4/20216/3/2022