Project Number Project Title Posted Date Due Date
NCHRP 09-71Framework for Design, Production, and Placement of Balanced Asphalt Mixtures3/5/20244/24/2024
NCHRP 09-72Sensitivity Evaluation of Balanced Mix Design Performance Tests 3/5/20244/23/2024
NCHRP 10-110AGuide to Using 3D Models for Construction Inspection 3/7/20244/24/2024
NCHRP 10-131Laboratory Test Method for Estimating the Contribution of Geosynthetics to Pavement Performance3/14/20245/1/2024
NCHRP 10-133Research Plan for Assessing Friction of Pavement Markings3/18/20245/6/2024
NCHRP 10-134Guidelines for the Selection of Performance-Related Tests for the Acceptance of Preservation Treatments3/25/20245/14/2024
NCHRP 23-41Using Emerging and Established Technologies for Asset Management: A Guide3/13/20245/1/2024