Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
SHRP 2 L01Integrating Business Processes to Improve ReliabilityCompleted
SHRP 2 L02Establishing Monitoring Programs for Mobility and Travel Time ReliabilityCompleted
SHRP 2 L03Analytic Procedures for Determining the Impacts of Reliability Mitigation Strategies Completed
SHRP 2 L04Incorporating Reliability Performance Measures in Operations and Planning Modeling ToolsCompleted
SHRP 2 L05Incorporating Reliability Performance Measures into the Transportation Planning and Programming ProcessesCompleted
SHRP 2 L06Institutional Architectures to Advance Operational StrategiesCompleted
SHRP 2 L07Evaluation of Cost-Effectiveness of Highway Design Features Completed
SHRP 2 L08Incorporation of Travel Time Reliability into the Highway Capacity ManualCompleted
SHRP 2 L10Feasibility of Using In-Vehicle Video Data to Explore How to Modify Driver Behavior that Causes Non-Recurring CongestionCompleted
SHRP 2 L11Evaluating Alternative Operations Strategies to Improve Travel Time ReliabilityCompleted
SHRP 2 L12Improving Traffic Incident Scene Management Completed
SHRP 2 L13Archive for Reliability and Related DataCompleted
SHRP 2 L13ADesign and Implement a System for Archiving and Disseminating Data from SHRP 2 Reliabilities and Related Studies/ Assistance to Contractors to Archive their Data for Reliability ProjectsCompleted
SHRP 2 L14Traveler Information and Travel Time ReliabilityCompleted
SHRP 2 L15Innovative IDEA ProjectsCompleted
SHRP 2 L16Assistance to Contractors to Archive Their Data for Reliability and Related ProjectsCompleted
SHRP 2 L17A Framework for Improving Travel Time ReliabilityCompleted
SHRP 2 L32(B)e-Learning for Training Traffic Incident Responders and ManagersCompleted
SHRP 2 L32(C)Post-Course Assessment and Reporting Tool for Trainers and TIM Responders Using the SHRP 2 Interdisciplinary Traffic Incident Management CurriculumCompleted
SHRP 2 L33Validation of Urban Freeway ModelsCompleted
SHRP 2 L34e-Tool for Business Processes to Improve Travel Time ReliabilityCompleted
SHRP 2 L35Local Methods for Modeling, Economic Evaluation, Justification and Use of the Value of Travel Time Reliability in Transportation Decision MakingCompleted
SHRP 2 L36Regional Operations Forums for Advancing Systems Operations, Management, and ReliabilityCompleted
SHRP 2 L38Pilot Testing of SHRP 2 Reliability Analytical ProductsCompleted
SHRP 2 L55Reliability Implementation SupportCompleted