Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
TCRP E-01Innovative Maintenance Procedures for Transit BusesCompleted
TCRP E-02Artificial Intelligence for Transit Railcar DiagnosticsCompleted
TCRP E-02ADemonstration of Artificial Intelligence Technology for Transit Railcar DiagnosticsCompleted
TCRP E-03Inventory Management for Bus and Rail Public Transit SystemsCompleted
TCRP E-03AApplications for Improved Inventory Management for Public Transit SystemsCompleted
TCRP E-04Guidelines for the Development of Public Transportation Management SystemsCompleted
TCRP E-05A Guidebook for Developing and Sharing Transit Bus Maintenance PracticesCompleted
TCRP E-06Transit Bus Mechanics: Building for Success--The ASE Transit Bus Maintenance Certification Test SeriesCompleted
TCRP E-07Establishing a National Transit Industry Rail Vehicle Technician Qualification Program: Building for SuccessCompleted
TCRP E-08Extending and Deepening National Transit Training StandardsCompleted
TCRP E-09State of Good Repair: Prioritizing the Rehabilitation and Replacement of Existing Capital Assets and Evaluating the Implications for TransitFinal
TCRP E-09AGuidance for Applying the State of Good Repair Prioritization Framework and ToolsFinal
TCRP E-10Maintenance Technician Staffing Levels for Modern Public Transit FleetsFinalCompleted. Published as TCRP Report 184
TCRP E-11The Relationship Between Transit Asset Condition and Service QualityFinal
TCRP E-12Guidance for Calculating the Return on Investment in Transit State of Good Repair Final
TCRP E-13COVID-19 and Transit Air Quality Protections (Insight Event)CompletedInsight Event was hosted in the summer of 2022. Session records are posted online.
TCRP E-14Lithium-Ion Battery Transit Bus Fire Prevention and Risk ManagementPending
TCRP E-15Air Quality Inside BusesPending