Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
NCHRP 05-10A Mobile System for Measuring Retroreflectance of Traffic SignsCompleted
NCHRP 05-11Implementation Strategies for Sign Retroreflectivity StandardsFinal
NCHRP 05-12Requirements for Application of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to Traffic Control SignalsFinal
NCHRP 05-13Illumination Guidelines for Nighttime Highway WorkCompleted
NCHRP 05-13(2)Illumination Guidelines for Nighttime Highway WorkCompleted
NCHRP 05-14Advance Warning Arrow Panel VisibilityCompleted
NCHRP 05-15Visibility Performance Requirements for Vehicular Traffic SignalsCompleted
NCHRP 05-16National Calibration Standards for Measuring RetroreflectivityCompleted
NCHRP 05-17Safety Evaluation of Permanent Raised Pavement MarkersCompleted
NCHRP 05-18Color Effectiveness of Yellow Pavement Marking MaterialsCompleted
NCHRP 05-19Guidelines for Roadway Lighting Based on Safety Benefits and CostsCompletedThe research has been terminated. Papers on various aspects of the research are available at the links provided below.
NCHRP 05-20Guidelines for Nighttime Visibility of Overhead Guide SignsCompleted
NCHRP 05-21Safety and Performance Criteria for Retroreflective Pavement MarkersFinalResearch complete. Final Report published as NCHRP Research Report 1015
NCHRP 05-22Guidelines for Solid-State Roadway LightingCompleted
NCHRP 05-22AGaps and Emerging Technologies in the Application of Solid-State Roadway LightingActive
NCHRP 05-23Effects of LED Roadway Lighting on Driver Sleep Health and AlertnessCompleted
NCHRP 05-24Guidelines for Vehicle and Equipment Color, Marking, and LightingCompletedPublication Pending
NCHRP 05-25Guide to the Contextual Application of Overhead Lighting on HighwaysPending