Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
NCHRP 19-04A Review of DOT Compliance with GASB 34 RequirementsCompleted
NCHRP 19-05Assessing and Mitigating Future Impacts to the Federal Highway Trust Fund such as Alternative Fuel ConsumptionFinal
NCHRP 19-06Identifying and Quantifying Rates of State Motor Fuel Tax EvasionCompleted
NCHRP 19-07GASB 34--Methods for Condition Assessment and PreservationFinal
NCHRP 19-08Costs of Alternative Revenue-Generation SystemsCompleted
NCHRP 19-10AASHTO Partnering Handbook, Second EditionCompletedDraft final report received August 7, 2017.
NCHRP 19-11Applying Risk Analysis, Value Engineering, and other Innovative Solutions for Project DeliveryCompleted
NCHRP 19-12Guide for Financial Planning and Management in Support of Transportation Asset ManagementFinal
NCHRP 19-13Guidance for Use of Land Value Return and Recycling to Fund TransportationFinal
NCHRP 19-14Right-Sizing Transportation Investments--Methods for Planning and ProgrammingCompleted
NCHRP 19-15Guidebook for Effective Policies and Practices for Managing Surface Transportation DebtFinal
NCHRP 19-16Federal Funding Uncertainty in State, Local, and Regional Departments of Transportation: Impacts, Responses, and Adaptation Final
NCHRP 19-17Federal Funding Flexibility: Use of Federal Aid Highway Fund Transfers by State DOTsFinal
NCHRP 19-18Transitioning Fuel Tax Assessments to a Road Usage ChargeActive