Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
Safety IDEA Project 29Self-Deicing LED Signal for Railroad and Highway IntersectionsActive (IDEA)
Safety IDEA Project 30Development of Ballast Real Time Information System (BRIS) Based on “SmartRock”Active (IDEA)
Safety IDEA Project 33Adaptive Prestressing System for Concrete CrosstiesActive (IDEA)
Safety IDEA Project 36Onboard High-Bandwidth Fiber Optic Sensing System for Broken Rail DetectionActive (IDEA)
Safety IDEA Project 37Measuring Behavior of Railroad Bridges under Revenue Traffic using Lasers and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for Safer Operations: ImplementationActive (IDEA)
Safety IDEA Project 38Fatigue Life Extension of Thermite Welds by Porosity MinimizationActive (IDEA)
Safety IDEA Project 39Non-contact Scour monitoring for Railroad Bridges Active (IDEA)
Safety IDEA Project 40Using Light to Reduce Fatigue and Improve Alertness in Railway OperationsActive (IDEA)
Safety IDEA Project 41Vibration-based Longitudinal Rail Stress Estimation Exploiting Contactless Measurement and Machine LearningActive (IDEA)