Project Number Project Title Stage Comments
HMCRP HM-01Hazardous Materials Commodity Flow Data and AnalysisFinalPublished as HMCRP Report 3
HMCRP HM-02Hazardous Materials Transportation Incident Data for Root Cause AnalysisFinalPublished as HMCRP Report 1.
HMCRP HM-03A Guide for Assessing Emergency Response Needs and Capabilities for Hazardous Materials ReleasesFinalPublished as HMCRP Report 5.
HMCRP HM-04Emerging Technologies Applicable to Hazardous Materials Transportation Safety and SecurityFinalPublished as HMCRP Report 4.
HMCRP HM-05Evaluation of the Use of Electronic Shipping Papers for Hazardous Materials ShipmentsFinalPublished as HMCRP Report 8.
HMCRP HM-06Soil and Groundwater Impacts of Chemical Mixture Releases from Hazardous Materials Transportation IncidentsFinalPublished as HMCRP Report 2.
HMCRP HM-07Accident Performance Data of Bulk Packages Used for Hazardous Materials TransportationFinalPublished as HMCRP Report 10.
HMCRP HM-08Consolidated Security Credential for Persons Who Transport Hazardous MaterialsCompleted
HMCRP HM-09Technical Assessment of Dry Ice Limits on AircraftFinalPublished as HMCRP Report 11.
HMCRP HM-10Current Hazardous Materials Transportation Research and Future NeedsFinalPublished as HMCRP Web-Only Document 1
HMCRP HM-11Improving Local Community Recovery from Disastrous Hazardous Materials Transportation IncidentsFinalPublished as HMCRP Report 9.
HMCRP HM-12Hazardous Materials Transportation Risk Assessment: State of the PracticeCompleted
HMCRP HM-13Role of Human Factors in Preventing Cargo Tank Truck RolloversFinalPublished as HMCRP Report 7
HMCRP HM-14Test Procedures and Classification Criteria for Release of Toxic Gases from Water-Reactive MaterialsCompleted
HMCRP HM-15A Guide for Communicating Emergency Response Information for Natural Gas and Hazardous Liquids PipelinesFinalPublished as HMCRP Report 14.
HMCRP HM-16Model Post-Secondary Education Curricula for the Transportation of Hazardous MaterialsFinalPublished as Web-Only Document 2.
HMCRP HM-17Evaluating the Effectiveness of Hazmat Transportation TrainingFinalAvailable on request.
HMCRP HM-18Evaluation of Small Quantities of Class 3 and Class 9 Hazmat Materials in TransportationFinalPublished as HMCRP Web-Only Document 3.