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NCHRP 09-19 [Completed]

Superpave Support and Performance Models Management

  Project Data
Funds: $2,628,282
Research Agency: University of Maryland
Principal Investigator: Matthew W. Witczak
Effective Date: 5/10/1999
Completion Date: 7/31/2006

This project was established to complete research started in July 1995 under sponsorship of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The original FHWA project was divided into two phases. Phase I, completed in September 1996, evaluated the Superpave performance models developed through the Strategic Highway Research Program.

In Phase II, begun in November 1997, the contractor was tasked with development and validation of an advanced material characterization model and the associated calibration and testing procedures for hot mix asphalt used in highway pavements. It also included a discrete but important task to identify a simple performance test to complement the Superpave volumetric mix design method.

The objectives of this research were to (1) develop simple performance tests for permanent deformation and fatigue cracking for incorporation in the Superpave volumetric mix design method, and (2) develop and validate an advanced material characterization model and the associated calibration and testing procedures for hot mix asphalt used in highway pavements.

The dynamic modulus test was recommended as the primary simple performance test for rutting. The contractor prepared a software specification  that determines a critical minimum E* value for HMA based on project-specific information on climate, traffic, pavement structure, and layer depth. This specification is based on a series of pavement design examples pre-solved with the pavement design guide software from Project 1-37A. The flow number (repeated load permanent deformation) test provides an optional, complementary procedure for evaluating the resistance of an HMA mix design to tertiary flow.

The project final report was published as  NCHRP Report 547 , which includes CRP-CD-46 (DVD ISO image), and NCHRP Report 580.

The E* SPT Specification Criteria Program described in NCHRP Report 580 can be downloaded at https://onlinepubs.trb.org/onlinepubs/nchrp/docs/NCHRP09-19_E-starSpecCriteria.xls.

A summary of the work to identify the simple performance tests selected for field validation was published as NCHRP Report 465 and on CRP-CD-10. Errata for NCHRP Report 465 can be viewed at https://www.trb.org/TRB/publications/Errata.asp.

Special Note: To access the E*,
Fn, and Ft databases on CRP-CD-46, (1) open the the CRP-CD-46 DVD in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder,  (2)  open the folder named "files," and (3) open the folder named "13 Final Project Reports on SPT Evaluation." The E* databases are contained in the subfolder named "13-F_Appendices;" the Fn and Ft databases are found in the subfolder named "13-G_Appendices."

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