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NCHRP 08-32(5) [Completed]

Multimodal Transportation Planning Data

  Project Data
Funds: $350,000
Research Agency: Jack Faucett Assoc., Inc.
Principal Investigator: Jack G. Faucett
Effective Date: 2/1/1995
Completion Date: 12/31/1996

NCHRP Report 401, Guidance Manual for Managing Transportation Planning Data, contains procedures for identifying, collecting, organizing, and using data for transportation planning purposes. Specific discussions are included on strategic assessments of data needs, a framework for organizing data, cost effectiveness of data, and the integration and consistency of data. The guidance contained herein will be of interest to planners in state departments of transportation (DOTs) and metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs).

Of special interest should be the discussions on strategic assessments and the framework. The discussions on strategic assessments highlight the need for incorporating this activity into the planning process to ensure that the right data and most cost effective data are used. The suggested framework for transportation data could be used individually or nationally to help organize and coordinate data within and among agencies.

Under Project 8-32(5), "Multimodal Transportation Planning Data," Jack Faucett Associates, Inc., conducted research that resulted in guidance on (1) strategic assessments of data requirements to support statewide and metropolitan multimodal transportation planning; (2) the availability of current data from primary (i.e., collected directly by the user) and secondary (i.e., collected by others) data sources; (3) analytical techniques and the data required; (4) economic assessments of transportation data programs; and (5) the integration of data within and among jurisdictions.

The project is documented in three separate reports: the guidance manual published as NCHRP Report 401; the agency's Final Report documenting and supporting the research effort; and a supplemental agency report titled, Compendium of Data Collection Practices and Sources. The latter two reports are available as
NCHRP Web Document 3 and NCHRP Web Document 4, respectively.

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