The National Academies

NCHRP 25-15 [Final]

Short-Term Monitoring for Compliance with Air Quality Standards

  Project Data
Funds: $200,000
Research Agency: CH2M Hill
Principal Investigator: Don G. Caniparoli
Effective Date: 12/1/1998
Completion Date: 6/15/2002
Comments: Completed and published as NCHRP Report 479

This research developed a short-term monitoring procedure that can produce more accurate input data for air quality dispersion models and can do so in a manner requiring less data collection and less time to complete than do current monitoring requirements. The effort required a determination of what monitoring and data are necessary to reliably estimate peak emission concentrations of carbon monoxide and particulate matter near proposed roadway improvements. Also, it required examination and documentation of the conditions that produce observed high concentrations of CO and PM near roadway facilities, in cases where there are discrepancies between modeled and monitored concentrations describing current conditions. The research resulted in the development of a procedure that can be used to assess the validity of peak CO or PM predictions emanating from air quality models. Status: The revised final report has been published.

Product Availability: The report is available as NCHRP Report 479.

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