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NCHRP 25-04 [Completed]

Determining Economic Impacts on Adjacent Businesses Due to Restricting Left Turns

  Project Data
Funds: $300,000
Research Agency: Cambridge Systematics, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Glen E. Weisbrod
Effective Date: 6/15/1992
Completion Date: 3/31/1995

Generally, highway capacity and safety can be increased when left turns are restricted by signing or by positive median controls (e.g., median barriers or closure of median openings). However, such actions frequently are opposed by roadside-property owners and business operators. Their concern is for the loss of potential customers who can no longer make direct left turns. Loss of income or business failures have been cited as likely outcomes. The perception of adverse impacts on the economic viability of the immediate area, as well as the larger community, can sometimes impede or even stop planned roadway improvements. Little useful information is available on this subject.

The objective of this research was to determine the economic impacts, on adjacent businesses and property owners, due to restricting left-turn movements.

Status: Research is complete and the final report has been submitted by the contractor. The panel decided that the results should be compiled into a digest which has been published as NCHRP Research Results Digest 231.

Report Availability: The final report will not be published in the regular NCHRP series, but is available for loan from the NCHRP. The principal investigator developed a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet based on the analysis framework which can be downloaded here:  Hare (xls).


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