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NCHRP 20-59(04) [Completed]

White Paper on Highway Security Issues for Reauthorization

  Project Data
Funds: $25,000
Research Agency: Parsons Brinckerhoff-PB Farradyne
Principal Investigator: Stephen Lockwood
Effective Date: 2/15/2002
Completion Date: 4/30/2002


There are significant capital and operating costs associated with the security of the nation's highway system. State DOTS will be faced the burden of making the necessary changes. Costs are associated with the need for vulnerability assessments and emerging response planning; hardening of transportation facilities; and building and operating emergency response systems. In addition, investment requirements exist for insuring the safe and efficient deployment of the military in times of national crisis with an adequate STRAHNET system and port access facilities associated with key power projection platforms.


To prepare a report with essential categories of elements, with outlines of potential policy positions indicated, and items with cost implications noted with order of magnitude.


Task 1. Assess the range of possible policy, program and funding options that might be considered in the reauthorization of the highway program in CY2003 from the perspective of the State DOT's.

Task 2. Suggest order of magnitude funding requirements and whether funding requirements might be appropriately covered by existing program categories or by new initiatives. If new, whether the Highway Trust Fund or General Fund might be appropriate and the appropriate magnitude of such initiatives.

Task 3. Review the reports prepared by the Military Traffic Management Command and by the AASHTO ITS/Operations reauthorization team. The recommendations for security should indicate whether they might also be part of an ITS/Operations program proposal

Task 4. Present funding and candidate policy positions in a report of approximately fifteen pages and in a format suitable for easy policy choice selections.

Status: Complete. Contractor's White Paper submitted to AASHTO in April 2002.

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