The National Academies

NCHRP 20-25(2) [Completed]

Training for Highway Construction Personnel

  Project Data
Funds: $224,790
Research Agency: SNI International Resources, Inc
Principal Investigator: Lupe Carbajal
Effective Date: 11/1/1991
Completion Date: 10/15/1994

The project developed course descriptions and lesson-plan outlines for the courses identified in the national construction training program developed under NCHRP Project 20-25, comprehensive training packages for teaching three courses, and a plan for promoting and facilitating the use of the recommended training program.

Budget restrictions, loss of skilled personnel, increased responsibility placed on quality assurance personnel, the changing role of the contractor with respect to quality control, and demands to construct projects faster have all affected the highway construction process in the United States. Training of field and office personnel involved in highway construction activities is an effective approach to improving the quality of highway construction and reducing life-style costs. However, current training programs for these personnel are neither comprehensive nor widely available. There is a need to develop comprehensive training packages to support a nationally applicable training program for highway-agency, consultant, and contractor personnel.

In this project, the 62 courses identified in the initial research were consolidated into 45 courses and descriptions and lesson-plan outlines were developed for each of these courses. Also, comprehensive training packages were developed for teaching three courses: Project Documentation, Environmental Protection Procedures, and Bridges. In addition, a plan was developed for promoting and facilitating the use of the recommended training program for highway construction personnel. NCHRP Research Results Digest 206 provides a summary of the work performed under this project.

To support a fully developed national training program, it is necessary to develop comprehensive training packages for the remainder of the 45 courses. In a step toward accomplishing this objective, training packages will be developed for 12 additional courses under a third phase of research currently in progress under NCHRP Project 20-25(3).

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