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ACRP 11-08(24-03) [Pending]

ACRP Insight Event – Airport Energy Resiliency

  Project Data
Funds: $135,000
Contract Time: 15 months
Staff Responsibility: Matthew J. Griffin


Airports are facing an increasing number of challenges and opportunities as they strive to expand energy resiliency. As an example, a growing use of electrical power for building systems may help airports achieve airport environmental goals. At the same time, they will be competing with their tenants, customers, and surrounding communities for that same electricity as demand grows for electricity to power everything from electric aircraft to electric ground vehicles, on the landside and the airside. Increased dependence on energy infrastructure will make airports more vulnerable to power disruptions, while upgrades to airports' power systems and the nation’s power grid will take time and come with significant costs. 


The objective of this project is to conduct an in-person ACRP Insight Event for airport-industry practitioners, relevant stakeholders, and subject matter experts (SMEs) to discuss the key factors related to airport energy resiliency, encourage stakeholder engagement, learn about current practices and trends, and identify future research needs.


Task descriptions are intended to provide a framework for conducting the project. ACRP is seeking the insights of proposers on how best to achieve the project objective. Proposers are expected to describe plans that can realistically be accomplished within the constraints of available funds and contract time. Proposals must present the proposers’ current thinking in sufficient detail to demonstrate their understanding of the issues and the soundness of their approach to meeting the project objective.

Task 1. Conduct a literature review to identify relevant themes and topics and SMEs (within and outside the airport industry) as potential speakers, session panelists, or moderators. Submit the literature review, including relevant themes and topics, and an annotated bibliography. Submit a separate database of SMEs. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) members should be considered as potential speakers/presenters/moderators. The database should be sortable and include individuals’ contact information, area of expertise, potential role (e.g., session speaker, moderator), and demographic information (e.g., gender, race/ethnicity, career stage).

Task 2. Prepare a schedule for the activities and milestones needed to conduct the Insight Event. The schedule should identify industry- or topic-related events (e.g., conferences, seminars) to be avoided when setting the date for the Insight Event.

Task 3. Facilitate a 1-day in-person Insight Event planning meeting with ACRP staff and the panel. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the findings of the literature review, confirm the desired audience/participants, confirm the themes and topics to be covered at the Insight Event, agree on a general agenda framework and format, and set a date for the event.

Task 4. Coordinate with ACRP staff to reserve a venue and needed technology (e.g., audiovisual equipment) for the in-person Insight Event.

Task 5. Prepare a topic-relevant outreach plan and promotional material, including a save-the-date announcement, aimed at reaching the intended audience/participants (e.g., major airport influencers, SMEs, and other thought leaders, specialized or niche perspective communities, and interested state and federal agencies). The strategy should describe clear methods, specific techniques, potential partner organizations, and resources to develop participant invite lists and tactics to encourage participation. Submit the plan for ACRP panel review and approval at least 6 months before the date of the Insight Event.

Task 6. Upon ACRP approval, implement the outreach plan.

Task 7. Prepare a registration website and track registrations to ensure the agreed-upon attendance limit is not exceeded and that participants provide a balance of perspectives (with a focus on airport practitioners).

Task 8. Facilitate a web-based planning meeting with the panel approximately 2 months before the Insight Event. The purpose of this meeting is to provide a status report; confirm speakers, moderators, and session topics; and identify areas where panel assistance may be needed.

Task 9. Prepare a post-event survey using a common online survey tool and a set of questions provided by ACRP. The survey will be used to gauge participant satisfaction and plan for future Insight Events. The survey should be ready for use immediately after the Insight Event concludes.

Task 10. Develop a guide for speakers and moderators and confirm each speaker understands and will follow the guidelines.

Task 11. Conduct the Insight Event. Working with the NASEM events team and ACRP staff, ensure room(s) are set up appropriately, staff the sign-in/registration table, and ensure meal- and refreshment-related needs are met. Ensure speakers and moderators are prepared before their session begins. Handle logistics for displaying visual aids, Q&A, session transitions, breakout sessions, and related activities (such as an evening networking event, if applicable). Facilitate a wrap-up session summarizing the discussion and identifying future research needs.

Task 12. At the conclusion of the Insight Event, open the post-event survey for attendees and encourage their participation.

Task 13. Participate in a post-event web meeting with the panel and ACRP staff to collect input and perspectives on how the Insight Event fared and to identify which research ideas should be developed into ACRP problem statements.

Task 14. Provide a post-event technical report documenting event preparation, execution, and follow-up; the findings from the post-event survey; and resulting problem statements.

Task 15. Prepare a summary of the proceedings and discussions at the Insight Event to be published in the Transportation Insights series. The summary will be based on the notes collected by the rapporteur.


STATUS: Proposals have been received in response to the RFP.  The project panel will meet to select a contractor to perform the work.


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