The National Academies

NCHRP 10-133 [Pending]

Research Plan for Assessing Friction of Pavement Markings

  Project Data
Funds: $150,000
Contract Time: 15 months
Staff Responsibility: Amir N. Hanna


Current pavement marking guidelines include limited consideration of friction and other surface characteristics. Also, available research on pavement marking friction is limited and does not address pavement marking friction's role in the safety of road users, particularly motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. There is a need to document current practices and technologies relevant to pavement marking friction and identify the research needed to enhance available test methods and approaches. This information will provide a basis for a future research effort that will identify rational practices and technologies for assessing pavement marking friction to enhance safety.


The objectives of this research are to (1) document the current practices for testing and evaluating friction of pavement markings an (2) recommend a research plan to develop a validated approach for assessing the friction of pavement markings. 

Accomplishment of these project objectives will require at least the following tasks.



Task 1. Collect and review domestic and foreign literature, research findings, and information relevant to test methods and approaches for assessing the friction of pavement markings. This information may be obtained from published and unpublished sources, and from public and private organizations.

Task 2. Based on the review performed in Task 1, identify and evaluate available test methods and approaches and recommend test methods and approaches, or if necessary recommend developing new methods and/or approaches, for consideration/investigation in a future research effort to enhance current practices. 

Task 3. Based on the work performed in Task 2, prepare a detailed research plan to be executed in a future research project that includes a process for enhancing available methods and approaches and/or developing new methods and approaches. The plan shall consider all road users, including motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians, and shall provide specific information on the different aspects of the proposed work.  

Task 4. Prepare an interim report that documents the research performed in Tasks 1 through 3. Following NCHRP review of the report, the research team will be required to make a presentation to the NCHRP project panel. Work on Phase II shall not begin until the report is approved and work on Phase II is authorized by the NCHRP.



Task 5. Review and consider the comments on the interim report and prepare a draft report documenting the research performed in the project.

Task 6. Prepare a research problem statement (or several statements if necessary) for the proposed research. The statement shall include (1) an appropriate title, (2) a brief background statement, (3) a succinct description of the research objective that identifies the anticipated product of the research, (4) brief descriptions of the work tasks required to achieve the objective, and (5) estimates of the funds and time required to perform the proposed research. 

Task 7. Submit (1) a draft final deliverable that includes (a) a report documenting the research performed in the project and (b) the research problem statement(s) and (2) a final deliverable that addresses the review comments.

STATUS: Proposals have been received in response to the RFP. The project panel will meet to select a contractor to perform the work.

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