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ACRP 11-12/Task 02 [Pending]

Dissemination of Research Results

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ACRP conducts applied research to develop practical, ready-to-implement products that address pressing problems in the airport industry. ACRP is administered by the TRB and sponsored by the Federal Aviation Administration. Research is conducted by contractors with oversight provided by volunteer panels of expert stakeholders.

A strategic goal for ACRP is to improve the dissemination of ACRP products. A contractor has been providing dissemination activities to support ACRP’s goal to increase the awareness of the ACRP program, encourage the use and implementation of ACRP products, and help define and track metrics to measure success.

The 2021 Impact Report revealed that many airports are unaware of ACRP and our free resources. ACRP has over 500 products available for free and has developed many different tools to assist practitioners to find the resources they are seeking. ACRP is seeking a comprehensive approach to educating practitioners about our program, simplifying how to find our products, and developing and maintaining other appropriate tools to aid practitioners.


The objective of this project is to(2) produce an integrated dissemination strategy for ACRP and (2) execute the approved strategic activities.  

STATUS: Proposals have been received. The contractor selection process is in progress.


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