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NCHRP Synthesis 20-05/Topic 54-08 [New]

Practices for Integrating Performance-Based Plans with Long-Range Transportation Plans and Statewide Transportation Investment Programs
[ NCHRP 20-05 (Synthesis of Information Related to Highway Practices) ]

  Project Data
Funds: $55,000
Authorization to Begin Work: 4/29/2023 -- estimated
Staff Responsibility: Trey Joseph Wadsworth
Fiscal Year: 2023

Preliminary Scope

The Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21), the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, significantly expanded planning and performance management requirements for state departments of transportation (DOTs). Specifically, DOTs must prepare Strategic Highway Safety Plans (SHSPs), Highway Safety Improvement Programs (HSIPs), Transportation Asset Management Plans (TAMPs), and state freight plans. DOTs must integrate the goals, objectives, performance measures, and targets described in their performance-based plans into long-range transportation plans (LRTPs) and statewide transportation investment programs (STIPs). However, each state DOT has a unique structure and processes to meet federal and state requirements. There has been limited documentation of DOT practices to integrate performance-based planning requirements and outcomes into LRTPs and STIPs.

The objective of this synthesis is to document state DOT current practices related to integrating required performance-based plans (SHSP, HSIP, TAMP, and freight plans) with LRTPs and STIPs.

Information to be gathered includes (but is not limited to):
• Opportunities and challenges for DOTs when linking their performance-based plans to LRTPs and STIPs;
• Strategies to integrate federally required performance-based plans into the programming processes for LRTPs and STIPs (e.g., holistically driving investment decisions or flexing funds);
• DOT business units responsible for integration and implementation of performance-based planning requirements and performance management;
• Practices for addressing differences between planning horizons, balancing priorities between levels of government, and other technical issues;
• Differences in approaches for integration for LRTPs and STIPs that are vision- or policy-based compared with LRTPs that are project-based and may include a financial plan; and
• Practices for communicating or demonstrating the linkages between performance-based planning documents and LRTPs and STIPs to DOT partners, elected officials, federal authorities, or the public.

Information will be gathered through a literature review, a survey of state DOTs, and follow-up interviews with selected agencies for the development of case examples. Information gaps and suggestions for research to address those gaps will be identified.

Information Sources (Partial):
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TRB Staff
Trey Joseph Wadsworth
Phone: 202-334-2307
Email: twadsworth@nas.edu  
Meeting Dates
First Panel: September 15, 2022
Teleconference with Consultant: TBD
Second Panel: June 14, 2023

Topic Panel

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