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NCHRP IDEA 20-30/IDEA 233 [Active (IDEA)]

Development of an Innovative Bio-Mediated Self-Healing Concrete Technology

  Project Data
Funds: $135,000
Staff Responsibility: Inam Jawed
Research Agency: Case Western Reserve University
Principal Investigator: Xiong (Bill) Yu
Fiscal Year: 2021

This project will develop and evaluate an innovative autogenously self-healing concrete technology based on bio-mineralization through fungi to improve the durability, service life, and performance of highway concrete. Work in Stage 1 will focus on developing fungi based self-healing agents for concrete mixture. Fungi strain will be identified with a potential for maximum survival, growth, and performance for concrete crack healing, and those with best performance will be selected. Protection strategies such as encapsulation will be developed to protect spores to endure the mechanical loads during the concrete mixing process and help them survive the possible long dormancy period inside the concrete matrix. The microcapsules will be designed to ensure fungi spore survival and achieve self-healing performance. Work in Stage 2 will focus on evaluating the performance of fungi based self-healing concrete under laboratory and field conditions.  The experimental program will assess the performance of fungi mediated self-healing in restoring water barrier and improving strength of concrete, as well as the effects of environmental exposure on the self-healing function.  The performance and durability of the fungi-mediated concrete in producing autogenous crack healing function for large structural components will also be investigated. The research team will work closely with Ohio DOT on implementing field demonstration of the developed technology.  Strategies to further reduce the cost of fungi-mediated self-healing admixture materials. Life cycle cost benefits analyses will be conducted to assess the economic viability of the technology. The team will also work with the American Concrete Institute and the ASTM committees to explore development of standardized procedures.  The final report will provide all relevant data, methods,, and findings along with guidance on using the bio-mediated self-healing concrete technology.

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