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NCHRP Synthesis 20-05/Topic 53-01 [New]

Practices to Promote Equity in Transportation Funding
[ NCHRP 20-05 (Synthesis of Information Related to Highway Practices) ]

  Project Data
Funds: $45,000
Authorization to Begin Work: 4/30/2021 -- estimated
Staff Responsibility: Trey Joseph Wadsworth
Fiscal Year: 2022

Preliminary Scope

State departments of transportation (DOTs) are increasingly acknowledging that underserved communities and persons of color have in the past experienced fewer benefits and a greater share of negative impacts associated with our transportation system. Some of these disparities reflect a history of transportation decision-making, policies, and processes in funding that have resulted in barriers, divided communities, and amplified racial inequities.

The objective of this synthesis is to document state DOT practices to promote equity in programmatic and project funding distribution methodologies, formulas, tools, or evaluation criteria.

Information to be gathered includes (but is not limited to):
• Equity statements, action plans, or stated recognition of the problem or problems;
• Practices or strategies to promote equity in transportation funding (e.g., methods, formulas, tools, evaluation criteria, or stakeholder involvement processes);
• Practices in funding of different transportation phases (e.g., asset management, planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operation);
• Performance measures associated with funding and equity; and
• Communication practices related to funding, to equity, and to demonstrating transparency.

Information will be gathered through a literature review, a survey of state DOTs, and follow-up interviews with selected agencies for the development of case examples. Information gaps and suggestions for research to address those gaps will be identified.

TRB Staff
Trey Joseph Wadsworth
Phone: 202-334-2307
Email: twadsworth@nas.edu

Meeting Dates
First Panel: October 13, 2021, Virtual 
Teleconference with Consultant: TBD
Second Panel: TBD

Topic Panel
Tracy Brown, West Virginia Department of Transportation
Cassidy Ellis, Caltrans
Ian Gorecki, Maine Department of Transportation
Bryant Jenkins, Sperry Capital
Dr. Mehri Mohebbi, University of Florida
Ngani Ndimbie, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Dr. Jonathan Peters, City University of New York
Lyndsay Quist, Indiana Department of Transportation
Sharon Field, Federal Highway Administration
William Anderson, Transportation Research Board 

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