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NCHRP 20-19(2) [Final]

Pedestrian Safety and Convenience on Suburban and Rural Highways---Implementation Phase

  Project Data
Funds: $146,218
Research Agency: JHK and Associates
Principal Investigator: Steven A. Smith
Effective Date: 9/1/1987
Completion Date: 12/31/1989

The first phase of this project, NCHRP Project 20-19, resulted in the publication of a two-part report, NCHRP Report 294A (Research Report) and NCHRP Report 294B (State-of-the-Art Report). This implementation phase, NCHRP Project 20-19(2), was envisioned primarily as a series of efforts to support the implementation of the principles from Reports 294A and 294B.

Task 1 has developed several teaching modules suitable for integration into highway and planning courses at universities or at professional meetings. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has incorporated this material into one or more National Highway Institute (NHI) training courses.

Task 2 developed an "other markets" publication consisting of a condensed and more focused version of the reports from the first phase. This publication focused on the planning and development audience and will be implemented through channels appropriate to that audience.

Task 3 prepared a number of short articles to bring pedestrian needs and planning solutions to the attention of advocacy groups. Some of the articles were published in TRB's magazine TRNews.

Task 4 developed a 20-minute video, Think Pedestrian. The video is suitable for a variety of audiences, ranging from citizens who want to know more about good pedestrian planning and design practices to planning and engineering professionals who may not deal with pedestrians every day but yet require a basic knowledge of planning and design practices.

Task 5 developed a practitioners manual not only as a resource for the Task 1 training materials but also as a stand-alone document for planning and engineering practitioners. This document will be used by FHWA in the NHI courses.

All tasks have been completed.

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