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Bike Love

  Project Data
Funds: $100,000
Staff Responsibility: Velvet Fitzpatrick
Research Agency: Palo Alto Transportation Management Association (TMA)
Principal Investigator: Steve Raney
Fiscal Year: 2020

Bike Love addresses the First-Mile problem, which consists of: 1) Transit agencies have difficulty increasing ridership. According to Cato, San Jose-area transit ridership declined by 23% from 2008 to 2017. 2) Most commuters are “comfortable” walking less than a quarter mile to or from public transit stops. Problematically, the vast majority of Americans live outside the comfortable walking distance. Hence, to increase transit ridership, there is a need to provide compelling options for potential transit riders to travel from home to transit. 


Palo Alto TMA is developing a first-in-the-world Bike Love pilot with software partner ByCycling. We will provide daily incentives for verifiable active mode first-mile commute trips to transit and active mode commutes from home to work, up to $600 per year per commuter. Geofenced location tracking will confirm bike, e-bike, e-scooter, and e-skateboard trips. Within 60 seconds, incentive dollars may be redeemed at local merchants via Apple/Google Wallet virtual Bike Love credit cards. By restricting transaction authorization to local merchants, program funds are recycled back into the local economy, multiplying program impact. 


This project will develop and implement Bike Love for commuting to Palo Alto job sites, measuring program efficacy and scalability. This innovative software platform can easily scale to other locations. 

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