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TCRP Synthesis J-07/Topic SG-18 [Active (Synthesis)]

The Transit Analyst Toolbox: Analysis and Approaches for Reporting, Communicating, and Examining Transit Data
[ TCRP J-07 (Synthesis of Information Related to Transit Practices) ]

  Project Data
Funds: $45,000
Authorization to Begin Work: 5/24/2019 -- estimated
Staff Responsibility: Mariela Garcia-Colberg
Research Agency: Go Systems and Solutions, LLC
Principal Investigator: Paula Okunieff
Fiscal Year: 2019

Final Scope

 This research is pertinent for several reasons. Agencies manage more data due to the advent of new technologies and are harnessing a new ecosystem of tools to analyze the ever-increasing size of datasets. However, data processing, exploration, developing performance metrics, and communicating decisions are often scattered across many departments. Additionally, existing policies and processes often lack cohesion within their existing agencies.


Information to be gathered shall include (not an exhaustive list):


·         Staffing and organizational structures related to data analysis

·         Data management policies and processes

·         Partnerships with external organizations (e.g. universities, consultants, etc.)

·         Internal sharing and communicating data resources

·         Storage and access of data


Information will be gathered by:


·         a literature review or summary of relevant research information

·         a survey on a broad range of North American transit agencies including

o    variety of agency sizes

o   single mode and multimodal

o   some with contracted services

o   variety of institutional structures (city, state, multi-jurisdictional, etc.)

·            case examples that will gather information on the state-of-the-practice, emphasizing lessons learned, tools use, challenges, and gaps. At least one of the five (5) case examples should include the impacts of data governance on operational performance.


The need for future research and gaps in information shall also be included in the study.

TRB Staff
Mariela Garcia-Colberg
Phone: 202-334-2361
Email: mgarciacolberg@nas.edu
The objective of this study is to understand how transit agencies manage, store, analyze, and govern the data they collect. The study should focus on how transit agencies use data governance and processes to transform service data into information and insights.  This is not meant to be a study of real time information processing.

Meeting Dates
First Panel: September 26, 2019, Washington DC
Teleconference with Consultant: October 8, 2019
Second Panel:  June 4, 2020

Topic Panel

Brent Boyd, San Diego Metropolitan Transit System

Matt C. Broughton, Metro Transit

Raymond Chan, Chicago Transit Authorithy

Alex Demisch, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

Roderick B. Diaz, Southern California Regional Rail Authority

Katie Frost, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

Kris Gandham, Dallas Area Rapid Transit

William. Jones, Arlington County Transit Bureau

David Schneider, Federal Transit Administration

Sheila Moore, Transportation Research Board

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