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NCHRP 18-09A [Completed]

Guidelines for Reducing Premature Deterioration of Hydraulic Cement Concrete Pavements: Background and Research Plan

  Project Data
Funds: $50,000
Research Agency: Construction Technology Laboratories, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Rachel J. Detwiler
Effective Date: 7/7/2000
Completion Date: 7/6/2001

The project identified some of the factors that contribute to early deterioration of concrete pavements and presented a plan for laboratory and field evaluations to examine their effects. Research included a review of relevant literature and ongoing research activities, survey of some state highway agency and industry personnel, and development of a plan for evaluating concrete mixtures.

Various concrete ingredients, mixtures, and construction techniques have been used by highway agencies for construction of hydraulic cement concrete pavements. Although the majority of these pavements have provided acceptable performance and service life, some have exhibited premature deterioration. Recent studies have suggested that the use of specific materials, mixtures, or construction methods has led to early distress and premature deterioration. However, the relationships among these factors, distress occurrence, and premature pavement deterioration are not well documented. Research is needed to evaluate practices and to develop guidelines that will help highway agencies to specify the materials, proportions, and construction procedures that will ensure long-term performance of concrete pavements and to identify test methods that can be used to evaluate the potential for premature pavement deterioration.

This project provided the first step in the process for achieving this objective. However, the panel concluded that the proposed evaluations are not likely to relate the identified factors to early deterioration and that similar research is being performed as part of projects funded by other organizations, and decided that further research on this topic should not be pursued at this time.

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