The National Academies

NCHRP 08-128 [Anticipated]

Snapshots of Planning Practices

  Project Data
Source: AASHTO Committee on Planning
Funds: $200,000
Staff Responsibility: Lawrence D. Goldstein
Comments: In development
Fiscal Year: 2020

NCHRP Project 08-36 was originally established to provide a flexible, ongoing program of quick-response research and development capabilities for states to address near-term improvements in statewide and metropolitan transportation planning.  Before being discontinued, NCHRP Project 08-36 completed 138 individual tasks that provided new and/or enhanced technical and policy tools to support planning processes and decision-making systems for the transportation community.  In relation to this research statement, the AASHTO Committee on Planning will focus on Task 120’s deliverable.


Task 120 produced “Snapshots” of planning practices of existing and/or innovative transportation planning practices in the United States. Each Snapshot featured innovative ideas, best practices, links to resources, and contacts for agency use to improve their transportation planning practices and results. Task 120 eventually produced 12 Snapshots.  Recognizing their value to practitioners, the Committee on Planning requests preparation of additional Snapshots as a separate research project.


The objective of this project is to produce a set of four additional Snapshots addressing a variety of topical subjects, including practical solutions to current technical challenges, responses to legislation or administrative rules, organizational designs used by agencies to accomplish their work, means of influencing agency decision-making, etc.  Preparation will involve the following activities: 1) Identify relevant topics for research; 2) Determine survey techniques, tools, and content that can be used to analyze the topic; 3) Distribute surveys to planning practitioners within transportation agencies; 4) Analyze results and summarize data into Snapshots; 5) Publish Snapshots to the Snapshot Database for dissemination to survey respondents and partner organizations.


Prior to release of this study as a request for proposals, the AASHTO Committee on Planning will prepare a set of four proposed snapshot topics with two additional alternates.  The proposed set will be submitted for review and approval by the AASHTO Special Committee on Research & Innovation.  Once approved, the RFP will be released as a competitive solicitation with each accepted Snapshot valued at $50,000.  .

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